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WOW: Tensions rise over Schuler Scholar Program
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"My wife asked several times for all of her information to be sent to the board. My wife asked several times for the board to become involved. My wife asked for information to be sent to the board prior to her termination. My wife tried to go to her termination hearing but was under a doctor's care and still to ill to attend while on FMLA. I went there simply to ask for it to be delayed for a couple of weeks while she was under a doctor's care. They asked if I was there to represent her in the hearing. I told them I could represent her in the hearing. As soon as I said that they stated, it was against the Board's Attorney advice. (This decision had already been made before I got there.) Katie and I put her presentation, that she was too ill to give on CD, so I could hand the cd's to the board before her termination and directly in open session ask them to delay it for a couple of weeks - they called the police and prevented me from giving it to the board. The Waukegan Police Officers promised to give it directly to the board.)"
I thought this thread was about the Schuler Program. WHy all the bickering? How can we help the kids if we act like kids?
I apologize for not consulting with my colleagues on the steering committee before I posted my statement on a different website. That being said how ever, Mr. Sartin, C.O.S.L.A. does not get involved in personnel disputes and our advice to you to consult the State's Attorneys Office would have been the same.

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