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translated from eluniversaledomex- tontico Mex. & Waukegan
I would definitely do the same and leave a country that was so horrible and
unsafe and where there are less freedoms and on and on....
as one person put out there, in an earlier post.

I'm so happy I was born in America. I'm so glad my family game here and became AMERICANS
and Melted into the Melting pot, so I could have a better easier
life. I know I could never survive in most of countries I see
shown on the news daily. Daily life for them seems awful, just awful.
But my family worked hard to assimilate into the American way of life
by learning the English language and local customs at the same time, holding
on to our cultural heritage and passing it on to the next generations

There's nothing wrong with the desire of an illegal alien to provide a better life for his family.
but we can't ignore what is happening in our Country. The reality is that illegal immigration is negatively
impacting almost every facet of our society.

Is everyone's afraid to talk about it because
it's not politically correct? Are we all just lazy and we lost our "fight"
Is The lack of action on a national level by Congress because it is all about money and power?
Every illegal alien counted in the census adds up towards seats in Congress and affects the distribution of federal tax dollars.
Those national political fat cats, are never going to do what's right. So maybe We need to stand up for what's right on a local level .
Why are most in political office so wussified!? We need to stop sitting by, watching the destruction

Don't come to America if you don't want to become an American
and if you can't act with respect for this country.

Don't forget how much dieing and fighting and work it took (and takes) to
have the daily freedoms we have every day and take for granted.
Many younger folks who have lived life in such a cushy time in our American history, maybe we don't
have a good comprehension of the sacrifices, because we didn't and don't experience it first hand.

Don't try and turn America into
ANOTHER country which wasn't good enough for you in the first place.
Remember you left to pursue the great AMERICAN dream.

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