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Full Version: Chem Trails
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If you look up, you can see these chemtrails over Waukegan almost everyday. They are not contrails.
Did you ever took a class in science broken arrow?
Hey Dennis, I think WT Reader, Broken Arrow, and Danno are all the same person. You probably never figured you would run into a split personality disorder case on a local talk forum, did you. And to think that all three are not disimilar.
Sure I've taken science classes. But all they ever taught me was how the Earth is dying from global warming caused by our breathing and how great it is for us to drink floridated water. Read the UN document Agenda 21 or the book Ecoscience. The elite are using softkill strategies to depopulate the Earth. Do your own research!!!!!

Read Jesse Ventura's new book that came out Friday. Maybe that would be a good place for you to start. But be warned, once you wake up, there is no going back.
Why would the ELite kill us all off?

Who would do their dirty work?

And I did do a study on them, I even had to do it to graduate for my bachelor's degree on chemistry.
Do your research.

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"A society that gives in a bit of freedom for more sceurity, is not a free society at all..."
“He who sacrifices essential liberty for security deserves neither” -Benjamin Franklin.

Here are two new words for ya: HAARP and DARPA.

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Anybody look up this week?

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