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Elderly woman held hostage in nursing home
I know of a healthy 86 year old who lost her spouse a few years back and has no family. She went to see her doctor regarding some knee pain and he suggested it was time for her yearly check up, so she drove herself to a local hospital as per her doctor's orders and a couple of days later was transported to a local nursing home, where she was checked in against her wishes. What has happened since makes me physically ill. The nursing home called in a private guardian to rush an emergency order of guardianship through the local county courthouse. Lucky for her, her friend was contacted and she got a lawyer to come in to interview her and write up a power of attorney. This happened before the private guardian, who seems to have some juice with the local court system, could get his emergency guardianship order granted. I saw her today and filmed her for 15 minutes with my new pocket camcorder. She was adamant that she did not want to be there and didn't know why she was taken there. Her lawyer is supposed to ask for a motion to vacate early next week. This woman has assets; she owns a duplex free and clear, a car, she rents one half of her duplex,etc. She has a clean driving record, pays her bills on time, and drives herself to the beauty salon once a week. I don't have proof, but her doctor is said to have a financial interest in the nursing home. I spoke with her lawyer today and we both agreed that this woman doesn't belong in this nursing home. She said she has handled many power of attorney cases and when she feels the patient isn't lucid she simply tells them that the patient is too far gone and won't file the papers. This woman has had her life stolen from her. As events shake out, I will provide a clearer chronology of events and name names. I hope she can sue the shit out of these bastards.
Is Mr. Vogler involved? I have heard some good stories about him.
Good guess, Danno. He is a tool of the nursing home and/or doctor.
He needs to be investigated big time!
...and by chance, was she taken to Winchester House????
I have been on pins and needles to get in on this. First I was having trouble with my password and then my Uverse TV and Computer dropped dead. I was without any communication for atleast 4 days! I know of a very similar story but it was a man who was in the Nursing Home. Yeah, someone appointed Volger as his Guardian. The man had a lady friend that he had been with for over 30 yrs and she took care of all of his business. Once he decided to add this woman to his bank account, the banker took a look at the lady, and told him to wait a minute. Next thing he knew was that his Attorney came to the Bank and stopped everything. The man ended up in a Nursing Home and the day before Volger was appointed, the couple got married. :lol: The fight was REALLY ON then---well, the woman didn't have blonde hair or blue eyes-----but HE TRUSTED HER. He had taken his friend to the bank numerous of times when he made withdrawals, etc., and there never was a problem. But to add her to his account was a BIG PROBLEM. The man died and left everything to his wife. The REAL FIGHT was on. She was in Probate for over two years. Volger stole money and you name it. He even had/has a shop with estate furniture and a lot of other things for sale. Well, she sure would like to get in touch with the lady--maybe they can do a Class Action Suit. Volger was turned into Gov Bla??????, now out of office, but nothing was done. I was told by a well known Attorney that Volger was a crook, and his Sec'y did whatever he told her. He has friends in the Courthouse so I guess a lot of people got a piece of the pie. I could go on forever. Hope something can be done about this.
PLEASE get ahold of me asap if a class action starts!!!!!!
Waiting on Classic-he said he would keep us informed. I hope the lady will allow folks to get in touch with her.
WELL, CLASSIC? SAY SUMPIN. (I hate it when folks get a good Topic going and they never do a follow-up) :roll:

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