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Police disorganization
It's time that the people of this city know what our police are doing off duty. It seems that one of our officers got into some kinda tiff at the Avalon resturant in Gurnee. From what I understand, is that this officer was very drunk and was being loud inside the resturant. I guess some of the things coming out of his mouth offended several people inside and they made there way outside into the parking lot. Next thing you know, this officer pulls out his gun and points it at someone. Gurnee police are called and they try to cover it up so this officer does not get into trouble. All I have to say is, if It was me, I would make sure that I would not let this go away so easily. Some people are held to a higher standard than others, when they do wrong, they should be punished just like anyone else. Blame this on our mayor, because of who he wishes to leave in charge of the police.
This sounds like hearsay from someone with an axe to grind. Not believable.
I believe most of it. People don't make this kind of stuff up. It sounds like someone on the inside wants us, the public, to know what's going on.
I wholeheartedly agree with you. This is someone who was probably at the scene, and described it to the "T". (I've always wondered what that "T" meant). Smile
I just called the Avalon Restaurant and the manager was not aware of any incident of this type that went on in his restaurant. People create rumors to influence the naive and feed the Progressives.
ClassicalLib17 Wrote:I just called the Avalon Restaurant and the manager was not aware of any incident of this type that went on in his restaurant. People create rumors to influence the naive and feed the Progressives.
Oooooooooooooo-kay, someone get him his meds please.
Ha Ha---My dresser looks like I have robbed a Pharmacy---sorry Class------, you gotta get your own. :lol:
Some of you may not want to believe me, but that's fine. You can call the Avalon all you want, whoever you talked to may not know what happened. This indicent happened around 2am. But anyway, this really happened, there was a Gurnee police report made, and from what I understand they had about 15 witnesses that all wrote statements. Now, some of you may think this is a Gurnee Police matter and problem. The fact is, is that this is a Waukegan Police problem, it bad enough that the chief gets pistol whipped by a North Chicago police sergant because he was with his wife, and now a police Lt is causing a mess at the Avalon and no one is going to finally put there foot down and put an end to this maddness. Mayor Sabonjian is not going to do anything about this, he hates the police. I'm sure if he could he would get rid of the whole police department and put the state police in charge just like his old man. Good luck to you all!!!!
All I can add to this topic is the FACT that I have patronized our local 24 hour restaurants in both the middle morning and 'late evening' hours. Ask any restaurant worker what happens after 1:00 a.m. in their restaurants. The difference is this; In the daylight/early evening hours, the police are there for a lunch or coffee break; In the 'late evening', they most likely are there because they have been called upon to quell an unruly mob. So, unless the 15 witnesses were members of the local church choir, you need to somehow convince us that these people aren't just merely drunken, rowdy people, or perhaps gang members out to show off a little bravado, without revealing their names or past criminal records.
First off, when you say I need to convince "us" I'm sure just speaking for yourself, if that is the case then I won't bother wasting my time for just you, everyone who is reading this can make up their own mind and decide if it's true. But I never said that the 15 witnesses were the model citizens, I don't know that for sure probably not, but what is the difference between them and a drunk off duty cop that has a gun in his hand. Both parties are stupid, however don't you think the off duty drunk cop should hold himself to a higher standard. If he does'nt then who will?

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