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"I didn't come to Waukegan to do missionary work"
Quoted by one of our Administrators at Lincoln Center when asked by a board member about his SUV. Can anyone guess who? :?:
First I have been hearing this all over Waukegan...... is it true? at a board meeting?

I was there and heard it myself. This took place after board member Mrs.Rita Mayfield-Jedkins challenged Dr. Batiste on the fiscal appropriateness of selecting a $30,000.00 vehicle on a 6 year lease during the district's budget crisis. Then Batiste forgot to switch on the filter between his brain and his mouth and made that stupid, arrogant and insulting statement.

We need to stop doing things like paying for the administrations cell phones and blackberries, too. Rumor has it that the district even pays for Dr. Batiste's dry cleaning.

Dr. Batiste's paranoia has justified the installation of a lot of security equipment and personnel at LC. His office and personal washroom have been renovated while our children do not even have soap and paper towels in their bathrooms. He's been over-the-top for some time now, and our school board with the exception of one person, again, Rita Mayfield-Jedkins has not challenged him on any of this.
Thank You Rita Mayfield Jedkins for having the courage to speak out for what you think is right, courage the rest of your colleagues apparently do not have.
Mr.Basiste stated he didn't come to Waukegan to do missionary work. Then what is his agenda? Did he come to milk the District. Because he is doing a great job of it. Look at the fruits of his labor: Company car, expense account, new updated bathroom and possible more. Are you serious district 60? Give me a break.

He is living in the lap of luxuries while the district (teachers) receive layoffs and students who don't receive quality education, books etc. The district continues to hire these so called educated individuals who serve no purpose to the district. What has Basiste done while he is been in office? I suggest parents go to these board meetings to find out what really goes on. When people come together to speak out things get done. But when no one speaks out people like Basiste continue to run the district in the ground. Great job Basiste contine to do your charity work.

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