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Effective Immediately
The entire 'Politics' thread is being locked for the time being.

Given the heated opinions concerning the health care reform bill as well as several complaints received concerning attempts at outing posters, it appears to be in everyone's best interests that this be done. Hopefully during the time 'Politics' is locked, everyone will take a step back and calm down. Perhaps you might even be persuaded to vote for Cooke's greenhouse entry on the Pepsi refresh site which could have a positive local impact should they win.

When the forum is unlocked, I expect every member who posts there to be respectful, stay on topic, and overall - avoid being an ass. When the forum is unlocked, if you can't at the very least be civil to one another, it will be locked again, this time for good.

This is your one and only warning. Spend this time deciding how you will act when the lock is lifted.

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