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Property Information Please
Just wondering if any board members have knowledge of who the property owners may be of the condominiums and/or apartments just behind the Consumers Credit Union on Lewis Avenue in far north Waukegan.
Was told that these properties are technically in Waukegan and when my office called to get info on such property, we were rudely told by the building department that we have to fill out a freedom of information act paperwork then they would decide if we can get the information or not. Then we were hung up on. This seemed to be a very rude manner in which to speak to newcomers to the area.
The condominium/apartment property is called Willowbrook, and the access to such property is just off of North Avenue a little past the driveway for the credit union. You cannot see property from the street.
If any of you know who owns this property please let us know. We have a client who is interested in this particular area and cannot find any information on this.
Thank you
Your post reads like you are some type of real estate person. But if you were you would know where to find the requested info. It only took me a few minutes and is on the internet (assesors page). The enterence is off Beach Road (not North Ave) and you can also google Calmarian Gardens to find info on Block Shopper.
Report Date: 10/27/2009

Property Index Number: 0432402009

Property Location: 1673 W Beach Rd
Waukegan, ILL 60087-1553

Township Name: Benton
Municipality: Waukegan

This municipality participates in the National Flood Insurance Program.

Zoning: This parcel is not subject to County zoning. Contact the municipality named above for zoning information.
FIPS Code: 17097
Census Tract: 8604.00
Census Block: 1024

Elementary School District: Beach Park Community Consolidated School District 3
High School District: Zion-Benton Township High School District 126
Community College District: College of Lake County
Joint Action Water Agency: No
Library District: None
Fire Protection District: None
Mosquito Abatement District: None
Park District: Waukegan Park District
Sanitary District: North Shore Sanitary District
Special Service Area(s): None
County Board District: 2 - Diane Hewitt
Illinois House District: 61 - JoAnn Osmond
Illinois Senate District: 31 - Michael Bond
U.S. Congressional District: 8 - Melissa Bean

Taxpayer: Margaret Culley

Property Assessment Information

The deadline for appealing residential assessments to the Board of Review for this township has passed.

Land: $1
Building: $45,859
Total: $45,860
Land Value per Lot Square Footage: $0.00

Check here for tax bill payment status.

Last Two Tax Bills
May 2009
Total Land: $1
Total Building: $46,243
Total State Equalized Value: $46,244
Total Exemption Amount: $23,632
Total Tax Bill Amount: $2,095
Rate: 9.26%

May 2008
Total Land: $1
Total Building: $44,953
Total State Equalized Value: $44,954
Total Exemption Amount: $21,342
Total Tax Bill Amount: $2,154
Rate: 9.111%

Last Two Sales
Sale Date 1:
Sale Amount 1: $0
Price / Sq Ft Living Area 1: $0.00
Recorder’s Document 1: 0
Deed Type for Sale 1:
Qualified Sale:

Sale Date 2:
Sale Amount 2: $0
Price / Sq Ft Living Area 2: $0.00
Recorder’s Document 2: 0
Deed Type for Sale 2:
Qualified Sale:

Selected Characteristics
Tax Exempt: Not Exempt
Property Class: 105
Property Class Description: Condo/Townhome
Neighborhood Number: 9107400
Neighborhood Description:

Year Built: 1994
Effective Year: 1994

Stories (not including basement):
1st Level in Sq. Feet 1,025
Above Ground Living Area in Sq. Feet: 1,025

Building Assessment per Square Foot of Living Area: $44.74
Lower Level Size in Square Feet: 0
Finished Lower Level Size in Sq. Feet: 0
Basement Size in Square Feet: 0
Finished Basement Size in Square Feet: 0
Quality Grade: Avg
Number of Garages: 1
Garage Size in Square Feet: 225
Full Baths: 2
Half Baths: 0
Fireplaces: 0
Air Conditioning: Yes

Lot Area Assessed: 0 sq.ft.
Acreage from Deed: 0
Square Feet from Deed: 0
Calculated Acreage: 0.0000
Calculated Square Feet: 0.000

Township Assessor Contact Information
Name: Gary W. Allen
Address: 40020 N Green Bay Rd
Beach Park, IL 60099
Phone: (847) 746-2069
Email: <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
internet. I will past the info here for one unit but you will need to do your own research for each. Since these are townhomes they have individual pin's and addresses.
Hello Kom O Ford,

May we extend our sincere thanks for the information you provided! No, we are far from a realty office, as far as you can get. We have a gal that is in serious need of finding a nice place, but is still close to her family and that place is just a calm, safe looking establishment.

There has GOT to be an owner of record of the entire place that the tenants pay their rent to, and despite our going through there mulitiple times, we cannot find any type of office signs, even the hug condo communities will have an office to take care of any problems that may occur for the tenants.

Thank you again. Your information, and your willngness to help is very much appreciated!
They are condos...each unit owned by someone different. No one person/group collecting rents as they are not rentals.

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