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Former School B. member, Reddick and son arrested
Man charged with sexual assault, unlawful restraint
His father arrested on separate charges

September 24, 2009

The son of a former District 60 School Board member has been accused of sexually assaulting a female near Washington Park last week.

Marcus Reddick, 17, of 320 Oak St., has been charged with criminal sexual assault and unlawful restraint stemming from the Sept. 16 incident.
[Image: marcus%20reddick.jpg_20090923_22_47_31_2...ageContent]

[Image: marvin%20reddick.jpg_20090923_22_48_38_2...ageContent]

According to court documents, Reddick encountered the unidentified female near Water and Juniper streets around 8:30 a.m.

He then grabbed the female, held her down by the neck and engaged in sex with the victim. It was revealed Reddick also detained the victim, but there is not an indication of how long she had been held.

The following day, Reddick's father, Marvin Reddick, 46, was arrested and charged with unlawful restraint in an unrelated incident for yelling at a woman which caused her to be "alarmed and distraught," after saying you are (messing) with the wrong family," court documents said.

Marvin Reddick was taken into custody and has since been released on bond.

The incident was not the first time the elder Reddick had found himself in hot water.

In 2003, Reddick was charged with disorderly conduct, battery and contributing to the delinquency of a child after an incident at Carman-Buckner Elementary School for interrupting a class and instructing his then 11-year-old son to fight another student.

Later that year, Reddick and three other Waukegan school board members were named in a reverse discrimination lawsuit filed by former curriculum director Janet Ring, who claimed she was demoted to a lesser position because she was white.

The Waukegan School Board eventually settled the lawsuit out of court.

Marcus Reddick is currently in custody at the Lake County Jail in lieu of a $250,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear in court Oct. 14 for a preliminary hearing.

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Rot in hell Reddicks and take the Shipleys with you!
I'm trying to figure out who looks the worst---HARE OR NO HARE. :lol:
And just think....the Waukegan tax payers elected him to school board. And that was after he was arrested for assaulting a teacher and making his son fight another student in the class as he held that elderly woman teacher back. Nice job...I voted for Juarez (yes he was still on the ballet).
Marvin Reddick is another stellar graduate of Waukegan Public Schools!
It is sad that so many real "stellar" graduates are lumped in with disgusting people like this. There are many good/great people that have graduated and will continue to graduate from Waukegan. Maybe when people complain openly about people like the ones being talked about in this post, someone should do something instead of letting them represent Waukegan.
Not waukegan. Reddick was a school board member for years! It is my opionion that the more stupid you are the more of a platform you are given in this city.
Just because ONE Reddick has made bad decision after bad decision doesn't mean all of them have to rot in hell. Look into your own families and I'm sure you all have a family member to be ashamed of. I'm not excusing him, and I wouldn't have chosen him to be on the board either, but his son doesn't have to carry his dad's mistakes.

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