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Following real estate transfers in Waukegan Pt. 2
I had a topic going on waukegan org. about real estate transfers in Waukegan. If I ever retire (looks doubtful after I saw my investment statements yesterday... Confusedhock: ) I would like to go into real estate. Glad to see you here immigrant daughter -I may ask to pick your brain again. :geek: Last week there were 7 listings. This week there are 14 -from around September 4th. I see James Onan has bought another property. Still can't get over some of the low prices.


718 10th St.: to Abdeljaber, Emad: Sept. 4: $48,000.

2127 Alta Vista Drive: to Lamanna, Keith: Aug. 27: $193,000.

216 Burton St.: to Onan, James A.: Sept. 4: $120,000.

1215 Elizabeth St.: to Huley Jr, Tommy A. & Huley, Belinda F.: Aug. 27: $143,000.

36796 N. Green Bay Road: to Conde, Linda: Sept. 4: $85,000.

716 N. Lewis Ave.: to Nunez, Ana C. & Cervantes, Ricardo: Aug. 28: $61,000.

105 N. Metropolitan Ave.: to Avellino, Kenneth: Aug. 28: $60,500.

2620 Roberts Ave.: to Molina, Alfredo & Anderson, Marina: Aug. 28: $175,500.

913 S. Darla Court: to Coleman, Shannon & Tyshia: Aug. 29: $175,000.

24 S. Elmwood Ave.: to Destin, Jean V.: Sept. 4: $164,000.

701 S. Gretta Ave.: to Kneeland, Gladys: Sept. 3: $140,000.

912 W. Clayton St.: to Avila Jr, Gabriel A.: Aug. 29: $195,000.

130 Wisconsin Ave.: to Layne, Victor: Sept. 3: $85,000.

2700 Yeoman St.: to Bell, Jeffrey N. & Cindy J.: Aug. 27: $93,000.

Here's Lake Forest...

Lake Forest

455 Beverly Place: to Stepaniants, Aram: Aug. 27: $550,000.

90 Franklin Pl E: to Johnson, Ann A.: Aug. 27: $270,000.

727 Northmoor Road: to Halvorson, Paul J.: Aug. 27: $485,000.

1145 Prairie Ave.: to Smales, Alicia A. & Richard: Aug. 27: $750,000.

804 Valley Road: to Beck, Daniel L. & Kimberly A.: Aug. 27: $900,000.

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Just as an FYI, this morning's national news is saying one in six Americans owe more than their house is currently worth-

how frightening is that? Not sure we will not lose money on our house, looking at what homes are going for in Waukegan,

but, this is scary stuff. (We just got our investment statements, too :oops: )
(scenerio) You ONCE owned a $150K house last year, this year that same house is only worth (about) $110K to $120K. Your now 30 to 40K in further the hole. One of my prominant customers paid $360K for their house 3 years ago. This year, after rechecking with their Real Estate agent, that same house is only worth $245K. That's about 33% drop!!! It didn't matter that the house is in a well to do area, they were hit hard.

As I watch the "How to do" shows on TV and talk with other home contractors in our area, a vast majority of people do owe more than their house is worth. This unexpected loss happened when the housing industry/real estate values plummeted last year.

We remortgaged last year to take advantage of lower interest rates and some for home improvements but insisted on keeping a % of the equity in the bank. That saved equity is what's keeping our heads above water. One has to live & learn from others mistakes and misfortunes when talking to others and about whatever just so stay ahead of a game.

AND it sure didn't help with OIL/GAS prices jumping and staying high. Oil is currently about $80 a bbl, gas should be about $2.20 gallon. That includes the NORMAL cost of living increase. It's going to be tuff for everyone to recoup from this Oil industry shot. Many savings account were depleated. Others dipped in their retirement funds or cashed in some CD's & took the loss. Hence the stock market drop.
Twenty listings for a month ago. That's the most I've seen in a long time. Looks like someone bought the Marsh Funeral Home on Washington.


2030 9th Pkwy: to Lara, Jose C.: Sept. 17: $63,000.

720 Adams St.: to Villareyna, Victor: Sept. 17: $190,000.

613 Baldwin Ave.: to Delgado, Salvador O. & Marla: Sept. 12: $129,000.

827 Buck Ave.: to Vorns, Little X.: Sept. 22: $171,000.

2311 Choctaw Road: to Cruz, Antonio: Sept. 16: $144,000.

324 Franklin St.: to Forman, Oliver & Darlene U.: Sept. 22: $105,000.

909 Franklin St.: to Hill, Forrest H.: Sept. 16: $190,000.

1946 Hickory St.: to Flores, Franco & Angel: Sept. 12: $144,000.

1507 Laurel Ave.: to Perdomo, Fabian & Gonzalez, Lilia: Sept. 12: $95,000.

1025 Leith Ave.: to Salgado Jr, Eloy: Sept. 16: $149,000.

915 Porter St.: to Juarez, Luis E.: Sept. 22: $70,500.

428 S. Victory St.: to Real T. Ventures LLC: Sept. 22: $96,000.

3345 Victoria Lane: to Mennecke, Erik L. & Amy M.: Sept. 15: $291,000.

2122 W. Crescent Ave.: to Sanchez, Patricia: Sept. 16: $138,000.

511 W. Keith Ave.: to Woods, David & Janet: Sept. 18: $93,000.

4430 W. Quill Lane: to Deram Jr, John P.: Sept. 15: $163,000.

2502 W. Ridgeland Ave.: to Cobb, Jennifer L.: Sept. 19: $110,000.

12916 W. Tyler Ave.: to Rogers, Ronald: Sept. 15: $130,000.

1521 Washington St.: to Patch Jr, Daniel R. & Patch Sr, Daniel R.: Sept. 15: $400,000.

2101 Williamsburg Drive: to Eash, Florida O.: Sept. 19: $228,500.
FedUp- Wonder if there's any relation to the Peterson and Patch Funeral Home?
Yes it is the same, good folks!
Some healthier prices this week, some not. There's that Mt Homes LLC company again. There's a Del Re -that can't be a common name. County Lane sold two properties.


947 Cedar Ave.: to Del Re, David R.: Sept. 25: $215,000.

2306 Corona Road: to Quist, Brandon C. & Rymill, Tara J.: Sept. 25: $125,000.

1014 Cummings Ave.: to Scifers, John W.: Sept. 24: $180,000.

1105 Highland Cir: to Young, Shielma & Wortham, Erica: Sept. 30: $173,500.

1733 N. Ashley Lane: to Dunlap, Latasha I.: Sept. 30: $167,500.

310 N. Jackson St.: to Melton, Callie R.: Sept. 25: $112,000.

602 N. Lewis Ave.: to Antonopoulos, Fotini: Sept. 25: $106,500.

2007 Pearsall Pkwy: to Martin, Steven M.: Sept. 23: $120,000.

512 Powell Ave.: to Mt Homes LLC: Sept. 30: $71,500.

106 S. Martin Ave.: to Barrios, Jensser E.: Sept. 25: $146,000.

2917 W. Country Club Ave.: to Hernandez, David & Sandra J.: Sept. 25: $188,000.

2947 W. Country Club Ave.: to Baig, Najmulsahar: Sept. 30: $220,500.

3014 W. Lee Ave.: to Gillespie, Richard W. & Maria T.: Sept. 30: $218,000.

236 W. Ridgeland Ave.: to Walter, Gregg: Sept. 25: $84,000.
The two on Counrty Club may look high...but they are both only 2 -3 years old and had sold for close to $300 the first time around. The recent buyers of the homes got great deals!
Where is Country Club? I'm not familiar with it.
Country Club is on the north side. To reach these two home take Sunset East from GreenBay to Frolic. Go South on Frolic to Counrty CLub and turn Right.

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