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Waukegan Mayoral Candidates 2/09
I've been following the crew site and posts with great interest. Let us know when the audio is available from your recent meeting with Ald. Cunningham. Impressions? Seems like the crew members' opinions were varied.

I so completely agree that we need to pick the right candidate to lead this city to it's full potential. Thanks for doing the legwork for us. I've been in business a long time. I've seen what a difference a competent and dynamic leader can make.

Is this a possible scenario? Could the votes become so split among three of the candidates that Jose Guzman sneaks in? Someone posted awhile back how many voted for the mayor in the last election -shockingly low number.

If I remember correctly Jose got 1,900+ some votes for the garbage position. Didn't his opponent, Efie?, get just over 2,000. I was very surprised that he could get that many votes in his district. Imagine if the whole city was open to him. And... there have been many voting drives for immigrants in our area. Many...

So what do the numbers say?

Are there any public debates coming up? I'd love to see those four head to head. Big Grin

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Hi Fedup,
We had a great first meeting with Alderman Cunningham. I really makes a difference to meet the candidates face to face to hear their vision for Waukegan. As for the audio tapes, it's not my department so to speak, so I'm not sure when it will be available. I imagine out of fairness to all the candidates though, the audio will not be available (publicly at least) until all the candidates have had an opportunity to speak. A few of us did band around the idea of getting all four candidates together, although how practical that would be is anyone's guess! I'd love to see it too I must admit. Why not join Crew for the candidate interviews currently taking place?
In terms of the vote; again, it is feasible that the vote would be split allowing another candidate to sneak in. The race is actually still open, as far as I am aware; a fifth or sixth candidate could throw a spanner in the works.
I'm thinking of running.
FOR REAL?? 8-)
Danno Wrote:I'm thinking of running.

Well tell us all about your grand plans. The current candidates are either idiots, liars, or both. You can't be any worse.
Blackdiamond Wrote:FOR REAL?? 8-)
I'm kinda trying to figure that out myself. I know, without a doubt, that I'd make a good mayor but I'm likely unelectable and would be wasting my time.
JazminH Wrote:
Danno Wrote:I'm thinking of running.

Well tell us all about your grand plans. The current candidates are either idiots, liars, or both. You can't be any worse.
The "grand plan" is pretty simple. It's a multi faceted approach that has a simple process in mind. Do whatever it takes to make Waukegan better bit by bit, one step at a time, until it's the kick ass city it deserves to be. There are specifics to this process. Some I know now and some are yet to be figured out. I feel a little hesitant to talk about these because there are some pretty slick candidates out there who would "adopt" these as their own. One improtant thing I would do would be to have "think tank" type meetings in which the public would be invited to and the goal would be to discuss what the possibilities are, what the solutions are. There are some very bright minds out there that need to be listened to and exploited, not shut out. There is a major benefit from this type of 'think tank" atmosphere... bright minds feed off of and build on each other... the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
One of the candidates has put signs up already. Someone (not me) made a comment about it in Talk of the County. Apparently it's too soon -signs can go up 60 days before an election.

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No Republicans yet?? Wink

[Image: WA15_WMAYOR_P2_scn_feed_20081114_21_44_1...ageContent]

Sabonjian considering run for mayor
Crowded field for Feb. 24 Dem primary
November 15, 2008
By JIM NEWTON <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->

Lake County Board member Robert Sabonjian has taken out nominating petitions and is considering a second run for mayor of Waukegan.

"I haven't made any decision yet," Sabonjian said, adding that he is testing the waters and taking an "informal tally" of family and friends on the issue.

"I don't want to enter into something I have no chance of winning," he said. "It's a giant step."

Sabonjian, a Democrat, was just re-elected to the County Board by a 76 percent margin against Republican challenger Michael Donnenwirth in the Nov. 4 general election. He said he is torn about the idea of potentially giving up his County Board seat if elected as mayor, but added that many of those who supported his County Board candidacy have urged him to consider a mayoral run.

Economic development will be the key issue in the mayoral campaign, Sabonjian said.

Sabonjian made an unsuccessful run for mayor in 2005 in a contest that saw the re-election of Mayor Richard Hyde.

If Sabonjian decides to run, he will join what is likely to be a large field of Democratic candidates in the Feb. 24 primary election. Incumbent Mayor Richard Hyde is seeking re-election, and 1st Ward Ald. Sam Cunningham has already announced that he is running for the city's top spot. Waukegan residents Jose Guzman and Chris Wakefield have also taken out nominating petitions for the office.

Cunningham also ran unsuccessfully against Hyde in 2005, and said at that time he would be on the 2009 ballot.

Cunningham said Friday that Hyde has good intentions, "but intentions and spirit are just not good enough."

"I think a lot of the things Mayor Hyde is trying to do are just not being realized," he said.

Cunningham said the city needs an economic development department, that the harbor revitalization project needs to be completed in a way that supports industry, and that the downtown needs more attention.

Hyde said he has helped initiate many projects that are moving forward, including commercial redevelopment and revitalization.

"We need to keep doing what we are doing as far as the redevelopment of the city," he said.

Hyde said the potential mayoral challengers are all "nice people," but none are qualified to step in as the city's leader.

"None of them can jump right in and say 'I can do it,'" he said.

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Republicans CAN"T win in this area, no matter how good they are. Hence, George Bridges being replaced as judge. :cry:

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