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Im starting a thread, because this is vital and its been long overlooked.

Way to many non residents of Waukegan going to our schools. WHS is way to wide open, letting anyone in. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN AT OTHER SCHOOLS!
Are you speaking of residents of surrounding communities sending their kids here, or unregistered aliens, or both? I thought there were efforts made last year to weed out non-residents, did that fall short of expectations?
Both, but the main problem is the kids living in Gurnee, Zion, North Chicago and so on
I found a post of yours under the 2 campus topic, you state that as many as 200 to 300 students that were kicked out of other schools end up here. Can this be supported and presented to the School Board? This is serious not only in revenue saved but also we don’t need additional bad elements introduced into the classrooms. We have enough of our own bad elements that disrupt the classrooms. This could easily be solved by outsourcing to a detective agency on a commission payment schedule. Have an oversight committee to insure resident students don’t get caught up in the net.
Other schools do it.
Interesting post. I thought I had heard that they only have one person who checks residency. Sounds like they need someone at the high school alone to check all of the outside residents.

What about overcrowded homes? I was also told that some schools/grade levels are full and people from the school's neighborhood are still trying to apply. Or is this a city code compliance issue?

At any rate, I think you raise a valid point. I'm going to forward on a link of this post to some of the school board members.

**We had to submit two proofs of residency. What do people do? Just get a relatives proof or....?
The high school has students that flat out tell their teachers they live in Zion or other places. They take on a relatives address and info and never live there after being kicked out of another school. Rumor mill has it that people living in Kenosha and work in Waukegan will drop their kids off at Waukegan elem schools.
so why don't you do something about it instead of just whining here?
Am I the only one wondering why anyone who lives in Gurnee, therefore would be eligible to attend Gurnee schools, why this person would prefer Waukegan over Gurnee.
Maany reasons. Most students that are traveling the halls illegaly have been kicked out of Norch Chicago, Warren,CPS or Zion.

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