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Mayor Bob, WTF?
One of Mayor Bob Sabonjian's campaign tenets was that he would hire a professional city administrator for the job of Director of Governmental Services. So, after two months in office he reappoints Ray Vukovich, a former insurance salesman and alderman, non college graduate, who over the years has helped to make Waukegan what it is. We have to thank Bob for bringing Waukegan the progressive change that he promised during his campaign. Nothing ever changes. WTF?
well our jukebox had two selections this election party: "Crazy Train" and "If I Only Had a Brain"
As someone who contributed a lot of time, effort and funding to Bob's campaign, this is a huge disappointment. Bringing professionalism to the city government was the most important part of the entire campaign agenda, and it appears to have completely slid off the table. I don't know what his motivation for this appointment is, but it is not being done for the good of Waukegan.
Oh this is rich. So I guess the skeptics weren't so stupid and worthy of disdain after all!
The reality is that there were no truly strong candidates for mayor. Hyde was incompetent, and the nonsense he was quoted with in the News Sun the other day about the budget shortfall all happening in May was ridiculous.

This is a huge city with a lot of problems, and we need a formidable leader who won't kowtow to the people who are already in positions for which they are categorically unqualified. Unfortunately, a mayoral candidate of this caliber didn't materialize, so I campaigned for the person who I felt was the better of the available choices. I do think we are better off now than we were before, and I still have hope that ultimately Bob will do the right thing for Waukegan.
There's no question that Sabonjian was the best choice for Mayor. However that doesn't mean he's the best man for the job.

Lately his antics at City Hall have been questionable and his dealings with the Council have been uninspiring.

If it is clear that he is not willing to do what it takes to rid the City of those who have proven to be the lap dogs of the powers that be in the past, then alas we shall probably be resigned to more of the same as we just got rid of.

It is purely naive to believe that Vukovich and other City officials who were virtually pulled around by the nose by Terry Link and Pete Couvall will all of a sudden shed their past affiliations in favor of a new administration. Not to mention the complete lack of performance that has left our City in complete shambles - and then we hand these same people the keys again.

I suspect that since people like Ray Vukovich have zero possibility of getting a similar job or similar salary outside of their current positions, they are probably doing every tap dance in the book to impress the new Mayor. Too bad Sabonjian cannot see the long long road that lead to the stage they now perform on.

So much for "It's a new world now" as were Mayor Sabonjian's first words sitting in his chair the night of his inauguration. Bold words with no back up apparently.
A City the size of Waukegan, with its geographic location, diverse population and potential, needs to have a nationwide search for the position of city planner. To keep Vukovich in that position is to keep the city of Waukegan light years behind the rest of the cities and towns in northern IL and especially Lake Co. There is no direction in the city, except to fund projects of the politically connected. $40 Million dollars devoted to development, new planning for the 120 corridor and yet no structural changes to city government that would allow those developments to be used for the bettement of the city. And now, to keep more of the same, with increases in crime and more property owners leaving the city. It appears that Waukegan, once a great city with a strong infrastructure has become a sinking ship and there is nothing to be done to save it. Consider that it is the 7th(?) largest city in IL and one of the most impoverished and crime riddled, and nothing has been done to change that. Oh, wait citywide layoffs are the answer...
If anyone had bothered looking into Mayor Bob II's very unstable personal history it would have provided strong hints as to what to expect from our new Mayor. I'm still laughing, and laughing at Waukegan Crew as you start to backtrack. My takeaway from your comment is that you supported Mayor Bob II because he was the best of the worst, live with it.
Of course we will live with it. Bob was the best choice of the candidates on the ballot, despite his limitations. If you know of a better candidate for the next mayoral election, please share with all of us. While you're at it, find us some decent aldermen as well.
for what it's two cents...

noone from crew is backing away from bob. crew did a thorough job of interviewing ALL candidates (mayor hyde decided-at the very last minute-not to show up). bob was by far the best. he has been presented with many very difficult situations. perhaps if the previous administration (alderman included) hadn't left things in such a terrible state we wouldn't be in the trouble we are now.

i have said this many times, in many places...

i will give our new mayor a fair chance. if he doesn't do a good job, i will work just as hard to get him out, as i did to get him in.

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