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Freelance graphic artist
Basically if anyone needs the services of a graphic artist (short of print jobs), that's what I'm offering. If you need materials printed, I'd still have to direct you elsewhere. I'm a bit burned out on the job search after getting my degree in graphic arts, so freelancing seems to be the thing to do.

Here's a list of what I can do:

3D modeling - polygonal modeling to the common wavefront .obj format. (I use open source software for this, so sorry no AutoCad or anyting like that. I do representational modeling for show, not precision for fabrication. It's not that I can't do precise, but rather my tools and training are for graphic arts, not drafting.)
3D rendering - I can however make still images based upon the models that I make. So if you were doing something like remodeling a room, I could model it in 3D and then render various results based upon the models made. I can also do animation, but I do not have a renderfarm nor a powerful computer. Do not expect tight deadlines if you want to try animation. (But if you really want to try having it done, I can also host on YouTube.)
Photo retouching - I'm adept enough with PhotoShop. So I can scan photos and fix them to some extent. However, if you have old photos on textured paper (seemed like a fad in the 70's) I may not be able to do much because that doesn't scan well.
Illustration - If you need some illustrations done, I can do that as well. Ditto for logos. If you have a loose idea, I could try cleaning that up and making it into something you can take to a place that does printing.
Photography - If you're willing to cover film costs, I can bring my full manual SLR. I do not have a flash rig as of this posting, so it will be limited to daylight photography. If you want digital pics, I do have a point and shoot digital camera (but it's nothing fancy.) If you're willing to provide photo equipment (such as a DSLR), I should be able to use that if documentation is available.
Videography - I've got a Sony minicam (Hi-8 VHS). Nothing really fancy. I can also shoot video to a limited extent on a point and shoot digital camera as well. I don't have much in the way of video editing software or equipment, but if you need to hire a camera operator...
Painting & Drawing - Yes I can still do it the old-school way to some extent. I'm not exactly a fine artist and don't have airbrush equipment/experience, so keep expectations within reason if you need this kind of work done. I usually work with pencils when drawing, and acrylics when painting.
Web pages/Flash - I can also do this. I don't find this as enjoyable on my own time (making web pages seem like more work than creating the content that fills them), so it may take me a while to get up to speed. (There's always new tricks and methods that show up on the code side.) I'm more of a designer than developer, so I do more with layout than any online applications. Still I can figure out coding to some extent, just don't expect it to happen fast if that's what you're looking for.
Tutoring - I can do graphics related software tutoring to a limited extent. This would be at an hourly rate, and perhaps cover one or two people at a time. I'm not a college instructor, so there would be no materials and tutoring would involve a self-guided approach. However if you're taking a college class, this may be helpful.
Consulting/Assistance - If you're taking on a graphics related project and need a hand, I can also do this at an hourly rate.

If it's not hourly in regards to payment, either 1/2 upfront and 1/2 on completion. Or on longer projects 1/3 cost upfront, and the rest as continuance and upon completion. No freebies. (Tried that a few times, and the one-off jobs tended to remain that way because of the skin-flints involved. Doesn't pan out without repeat work.) Send an email about what kind of work or assistance you need and what you're willing to pay, and I'll decide if that's reasonable. I can be reached at [mynick](at) (Should be easy enough to figure out.) Use subject of: WaukTalk freelance work so you're not put in the spam list.

Oh yeah, you probably want to see some examples. That might be a good idea, huh? :mrgreen:

[Image:] [Image:] [Image:]
[Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:]
[Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:]
And some misc. vids too...
Only one reply after all this time? :|

Anyhow if I tried to bust a move and do the pop-lock thing, it'd probably come off awkward like Mr. Tron guy or Starwars Kid on YouTube or whatever. :lol:

I'm not sure if that's the kind of attention I'd want. Although playing the fool sometimes gets you your moment of fame. Is that tradeoff worth it?

As for music, not much beyond goofing around with RB-338 or Audacity. And that's just for some personal amusement, trust me - nothing that an entertainment venue would want to pay for. (Unless they're wanting comic relief to get the crowd worked up for a real act to come in.)

Here's another YouTube, showing another quicky animation...

Now imagine instead of something random done just for amusement, I do an animation or still for a company name, logo, or a product promo, etc. (The above YouTube animation could certainly work for "insert local restaurant name here" put into it in 3D, if somebody made the right offer.) I'm sure I can make things that look better than some of the cable commercial spots presently seen playing, and I know I work cheap. It would be good return on the value.

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