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Police Layoffs
Just read in the News Sun that the city is considering lay offs for all city departments and that the Police Dept will be greatly affected. This is very concerning to me as I know that crime in Waukegan is very serious and that there is a growing trend of violent crime, burglaries and robberies. I understand that the Police force is already down officers and that now the city wants to cut them back to almost 30% below their authorized strength. I know that there has been mixed emotions concerning the police on this board but when we consider that the safety of the public will meet a greater risk then I feel that we as concerned citizens should act. I also understand that the city plans on laying off a lot of firemen and possibly closing down an entire fire station. This is very concerning as well. If you feel as I do about this situation I urge you to contact the city council and or the mayors office and tell them how you feel. I also feel that we as a community should show our support for the members of our public safety services and attend the upcoming city council sessions.
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> This is a link to the alderman/mayor's emails.


City Hall Hours
Monday-Friday: 8am- 5pm

Closed session will address job cuts
June 27, 2009

WAUKEGAN -- The City Council is expected to hold a closed-door meeting Monday to discuss job reductions in all city departments.

The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. at City Hall, with council members retiring to executive session almost immediately to discuss reductions.

Job cuts are not expected to be made or announced Monday, said city spokesman Dave Motley.

Several police positions are among those believed to be on the chopping block, union representatives said.

The city is projecting a deficit of more than $6 million.

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Thank you, reasonable1 for including this item on the forum...and welcome! I see you are a am I, kind of...

This information is correct! I have a direct family member who has worked for Waukegan for several years now. He is considered part time, although he works 40+ hours/week. He does not receive any benefits nor overtime (which was okay with him when he took the position several years ago).

He is being told by high-level city staffers that at least 12 Police & 12 Firemen, as well as several part times will be let go; there's just not the funds to sustain such a staff.

DID YOU KNOW...there is a public protest/rally against this layoff strategy planned during the July City Council Meeting? Details are still being formed, and please stay tuned to this forum for additional information as it becomes clearer...I'll be sure to post.

DO YOU ALSO KNOW...Mayor Hyde, upon leaving office, can verify that the City of Waukegan had a $6 million "back up" surplus?

Reducing services to Waukegan taxpayers is unacceptable. Mayor Bob needs to continue looking at other creative methods to reduce the city's debt...he's a fool if he doesn't.
Mr. Hyde needs to appear at the meeting and back-up what he said. I feel sorry for people losing their jobs. I know of a young man who was incarcerated because of non-payment of child support. He was sending what he could but it wasn't enough. He worked where ever he could. Its a "B" out here.
Men must be men. There is more to that story BD, that was untold to you. A percentage of an income is just that. No forgiveness here about men not supporting their own. That was way off topic here.
Waukegan's finest, police and fire, should not be considered. Let the supervisors of every dept. justify their positions and their supporting staff, before you go after folks that keep the city working. I am not pointing a finger at anyone, just looking out for the wonderful working men and women that serve our community with honor. Cuts could be found creatively without reducing a valued service to the community.
Two very important things have been brought to my attention: First, at that end of 2007 the city finances showed a 15 million dollar surplus. Obviously there have been a lot of new developements and infrastructure changes but where did that money go? Second, I found the WPD crime statistics on the WPD website and it shows that these men and women significantly reduced crime in the city from 2007 to 2008. I cannot understand why the administration would want to layoff police officers who are actually making this a better community to reside in. It should also be pointed out that the numbers for 12 firemen may be inaccurate, I was told that possibly 16 firemen would be laid off and that an entire fire station (O'plaine and McGaw) would be closed, on top of 19 police officers. Considering that these services are already short staffed it will be a wonder to receive police and or fire service if the layoffs occur.
Everyone seems to be so convinced that when Mayor Hyde left office the City of Waukegan enjoyed a sound financial status.

Funny thing is that basically the only one to leave City Hall was Mayor Hyde as virtually all department heads are still intact, and now we are looking at a 6 million dollar deficit. Director of Governmental Services is still there, Director of Finance is still there, Director of Downtown Development is still there, all the Aldermen are still there. Actually except for the Director of Public Works, I believe EVERYONE is still there. And not a single one of them is coming out saying that the deficit does not exist.

I suspect questioning "where the money is" should be directed at Mayor Hyde. I'm certain if it is true, he'd be able to insantly identify where the huge difference is, or where the money went. Or maybe now that Senator Link, Susan Link and Pete Couvall don't have their hands all over City Hall; factual reporting of finances, lawsuits and mismanagement might actually become common place.

Either way, it would seem pretty reasonable, if not elementary that Police and Fire Chiefs and executive staff have been consulted prior to lay-offs even being put on the table. I have not seen any of those higher-ups rushing out and saying this is a mistake.
How would we (the public) know there was a $6 million or $15 million surplus. The Hyde administration failed to publish that information in the newspapers like they are required to. Maybe an independant audit is in order.... starting back with the beginning of the Genesee Theater project.
From what I understand in reading the press release/statement from Mayor Sabonjian the 6.25 million dollar deficit is only a "Projected deficit". At this time there has not been a statement made regarding hom much money the city may or may not have. I also believe that there is an indepdendent audit on-going at city hall now and hoepfully those numbers will be out before our city services are cut. It should also be noted that the state of Illinois has yet to set its budget and that could be having a great effect on Waukegan and the "projected deficit".
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