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School Budget
The '09-10 Fiscal Budget is being finalized and by law must be made available for public review before final approval by the school board.

C.O.S.L.A. urges members of the community (that's what the 'C' in C.O.S.L.A. stands for) to take this opportunity to review this document and attend school board meetings, and specifically the budget hearing to ask questions and make your concerns known before final approval is made. Community members with financial and accounting expertise are particularly encouraged to review this document.

For more information about the public review location, times and dates, please contact the Waukegan Public Schools Administrative Office at 847-336-3100.
I don't have any financial/accounting expertise other than common sense. I don't ask the hard questions because people can easily talk over me. That's not to say that they are telling the truth it is just that I don't know the lingo. I tip my hat to those of you with accounting/financial expertise and ask that you find out about ALL the money spent or to be spent on SLC. Where did it go? Why isn't there enough left to provide proper learning environments? Were the extra administrators paid from SLC money? Are they paying teachers who donated their time to protect the learning supplies by packing and storing them so they wouldn't be lost or damaged during the move? Why couldn't SIX administrators figure out how to coordinate the move? Which administrator didn't get the agreement with the United Way to help us move in writing? Since Dr. H. has delegated ALL of his signing authority to other people I'm sure he isn't responsible. Where else can you work and delegate ALL of your signing authority to other people so you are not responsible for anything? Must be nice....for him.
Just wanted to say thanks to many involved. I heard that the budget includes 250,000 bucks for books for the middle school children, so that every child will have books to bring home in the middle schools for all subjects. Thank you to all involved for putting children first! Thanks Mike and Board for getting this done.
Shawn White
(224) 381-2834
The budget that was presented to the public was an intentional fraud. The entire senior administration was well aware of this. For most of the budget, you won't need to be an accountant. All you need to do is compare the budget to the Management Accounting Data, staff head counts, staff salaries, all sources of funding including grants and tax projections. Anyone with a calculator, highlighter and a pencil will be able to review and compare most of the numbers in the budget. Just ensure that you ask for the original paperwork originating outside of the district. For every figure they present ask for the backup documentation that supports it.
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