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Sisolak's mini golf is back
Drove by the old Sisolak's mini golf the other day on Sheridan road in Beach Park and it was open and operating! This is good news, it was very sad when it closed down. I don't know if Sisolaks is still running it though. I know the matriarch of the family passed away recently. Maybe that had something to do with it opening up again. Maybe there were legal issues. I don't know but I am sure glad it's opened again.
Hey that's great to hear. Our kids love that place. Guess we know where to go once school is done!

thanks for the news
It's not Sisolak's anymore but it's still great news. I used to love that place. Brings back good memories...

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Welcome back---I missed you, :o Wink
Blackdiamond Wrote:Welcome back---I missed you, :o Wink

Well, according to the MJ thread it doesn't look like it.

Apparently we better stick to what brings us together instead of what tears us apart. Tongue

In the future lets just to agree to disagree on some things. :roll:
:roll: :lol:

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