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Do the issues have merit?
freedomisntfree Wrote:Snoopy,

Can you help facilitate a meeting with the new board president Mike Rodriquez? The three of us can meet and get some answers for everyone pretty quickly.

I'm sorry to say to you, this is something you will have to do by yourself. I did not, yet, alienate everyone on the school board with my words, nor did I get myself banned from school property. On the other hand, you have presented some very interesting information that I would love to see answered. Please do not presume that I have this magical "in" with Mike because I happen to work for him and he is also a very good friend. I know that I separate all of this because of the position he holds, as you should. This man takes his position seriously, and I would never use my friendship as an angle to get an answer to something. I address him by the position in my life that he happens to be, be it friend, employer, or school board member. I promise we will not agree about many things, but I do not put him in a position as if I have a louder voice than any other tax paying citizen.
Shawn White
(224) 381-2834
I caught them red handed violating district policy, state law and federal law. They violated their oaths. They lied to you in public presentations. They lied to you in press releases still on the district website. And again, they didn't want you or the rest of the citizens to hear the accusations or for Kelly Ann to catch it all on tape and put it on youtube. They lied to the Lake County State's Attorney and the Illinois Attorney General.

I caught them violating district policy, state law and federal law and told them I was going to tell all of you. Their goal wasn't to ban me from school property - their goal was to prevent you from hearing it all first hand at an open board meeting. In other words they banned you from getting the information first hand.

Again, Mike Rodriquez is well aware of all of this. And he is serious about stopping the public discussion of this topic because he was involved in it.

Thanks again.
Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere / Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter / Injustice must be exposed, with all the tension its exposure creates - Martin Luther King Jr.

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