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Teachers wait, and wait, and wait for S. School announcement
It is hardly something that Waukegan school teachers do not already know. It is sad that people have jobs at LC and can't even do something right that is done every year. Don't get me wrong there are people at LC that work hard every day. However, every year we know that summer school assignments have to be made. Contractually they have to be made and teachers have to be told by the 15th of May. Many of us teachers who have to get jobs to get us through the summer need time to start looking for employment. Teacher jobs go fast in late May and are practically gone by June 1st. Many of us love to continue to work for the children of Waukegan, summer school can be a rewarding experience and a great intervention for those students who need the extra help. Yet, not all teachers are selected for summer school. I would estimate that since there are 175 or so positions availible there are about 300 or more applying. Lincoln Center still has not notified any teachers on these positions and continues to blame the union for the reason. Union must approve the rotation assignments. Why submit the assignments so LATE......................EVERY YEAR to UNION! Or is the union not the real issue? Why can't DEE Elliot and the office of Instruction and Curriculum get prepared for this every year? Submit in a timely manner so that teachers can know by the 15th? Well, I'll do what everyone else is doing and keep it on the hush hush! For some people the response is , "ahhhhh it's only been a few days, give them some time." Last year the assignments did not go out unitl the end of May, and the same for the year before and before that. We are asked to do our job and complete applications on time or else, yet there is no accountability for this office. I don't expect anything different this year! Well, I'll stop complaining , but aint it the truth?


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