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Can some one help me understand why are they having Prom again this year in Wisconsin? When Waukegan Schools is having such a hard time with funds. Do Waukegan get any of the money from Wisconsin by having the Prom there?
What can be done to bring the Prom back to Waukegan?

I think the people of Waukegan need to realize, if you elect people on the School Board that care about the students and parents instead of hiring ones that is political you will have a much better School Board.
what do you expect from a district where none of the administrators can be bothered to live in town? But they sure line up like pigs at the trough when the blakberrys, free cars and mileage $$$ are handed out
Dear Jazminh,

What it is really going to take is people who is non politcal people that are promising things to people to help the get on the Board, people that is not seeing color like black, white, purple or whatever to get our District back like it is suppose to be.

I know we will have a much better School District, we need someone on the Board that is going to be doing for the Parents and the Students and not for themselves and family members and friends. If I'm not mistaken we have people sitting on the Board who don't even have kids in our School District.

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