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ROW Cash Bond
My mother, a long time resident of Beach Park, hired a company to tear out her old culvert, and replace it with a new one, and level-then sealcoat her driveway. She opted to do this because the old culvert had heaved and raised up about a foot above the rest of the driveway. As my mother is a blind senior citizen, it was becoming unsafe for her to even go get her mail.
The estimate (from a reputable, local company) was $1,120.00 for all the work. She hired them to do it.
They showed up Monday to tackle the project, and an hour into it, the Beach Park Building inspector showed up and told them they had to get a permit.
The total cost for the trip to Village Hall was $635.00!
$35.00 for the permit, $100.00 for the culvert installation, and $500.00 ROW Cash Bond! According to Laurie at the Village Hall, Beach Park owns the right of way, and the $500.00 is in case it gets screwed up. The money will be refunded after the next board meeting. The $100.00 was to cover the cost of the inspector stopping by (for about 2 seconds) to make sure the culvert wasn't screwed up!
So, my question to "Laurie" was- "If you own my mother's ditch, shouldn't YOU pay to fix the culvert?" No. The Village owns it, but it's up to my mother to maintain it.
So- a job that would have been $1120.00 became $1760.00. Thank God my mother- a blind senior citizen on a fixed income has some financial leeway.
The condescending attitude at Village Hall made me sick.
That is just terrible that had to happen. You know small town living is great but you still have the problem of people who are not qualified being elected to run the towns. There are some great small towns out there but I think Beach Park is one small town that is run by people who just don't have a clue. Their hearts might be in the right place but they just are not qualified to run them.

Beach Park's mayor is a retired airline pilot right? Well, then naturally he is qualified to be mayor right :?: :roll:
N.S. Karen, sorry to hear about your Mom's dealings w/the village of B.P. I live in B.P. and this village is a joke, that mayor and code inspector and everybody else in the B.P. are a bunch of good for nothings as far as I am concerned. The culvert out in front of my house is the lowest lying one on my whole street and holds water all the time, especially after the winter thaw and heavy rains. I've complained many times, even called the mayor on his cell phone while he was in a meeting and he was a real smart a$$ jerk. Didin't get anywhere with him. I told him when some kid gets hurt or even drowns in my culvert and the parents try and sue me, I will turn around and sue the village of B.P because they have been warned, and I have documentation that I have discussed this with him. :evil:
This makes me sick. What low-life reported it? It brings tears to my eyes. Some folks don't act like human beings anymore. Sad
Unfortunately, every town has incompetent inspectors. I live in Gurnee and it is the same here. The inspectors are overpaid political flunkies who could never make it in the real world. I assume Beach Park is like Gurnee. Good luck to your mother. I hope the powers of Beach Park do not go harder on her now that you have dissented. In Gurnee, any dissenter of Mayor Kovarik gets the book thrown at them.
N.S.Karen it is a shame your mothers problem got this far, however, since you grew up in Beach Park, were a member of a school board and have a husband that works for a local government, you of all people should know that no one can just dig in a right of way. There is no community that allows this and for good reasons. If the company your mother hired was reputable they should have been very aware of, and obtained, all the required permits prior to the job and at the very least included their costs into the quote. Your mother should also have been told by her contractor that she was not required to provide a cash bond, but could have purchased insurance for a small fraction of the coast. You also are very aware that any local government that owns the sidewalks, streets, rights of way and parkways do not pay for most improvements. They are almost always passed on to homeowners.
You got anything else to tell about N.S. Karen? Pretty sneaky way of exposing. :?
Gee, Queen- Guess I stepped on some toes at Village Hall. As for hiring a reputable contractor- IMHO- T. Wallace and Sons

are pretty damned reputable! Big Grin
Not if they don't even know to apply for permits when digging in rights of way. Glad you posted the name as this will be good to keep in mind when ever I have driveway work to be done. Don't think you stepped on any toes at village hall as I am sure that things would be cared for in the same manner today. Laws are laws.

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