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New Group for Diabetics in Waukegan

Do you or someone you know have diabetes? Please consider joining this new group for Waukegan-area diabetics:

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Thanks for your time.
Best of Luck! Diabetes is a horrible disease. I used to work as a medical assistant for a podiatrist, and got to know alot about diabetes, neuropathy, and the difficulties that can arise.
Thanks, NorthsideKaren. You're right, diabetes can cause serious, chronic problems. Thankfully, there has been lots of research that concludes that there are actions many diabetics can take to delay the onset of some of these problems. That's why I thought a local group for diabetics might be helpful. For example, perhaps someone might be more interested in walking at the mall or exercising at the fieldhouse if they knew other diabetics would meet them there. Things go easier with a little help.

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