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Social Studies in our Schools?
When are we going to take Social Studies seriously in our schools? When the state brings back the Social Studies ISAT? Is that what we are waiting for? We have to have a test in our subject to fund it properly huh? I guess knowing the heritage and history of who we are and the rights we have as citizens isn't enough to fund our social studies classes in Waukegan. Our books are old in the middle schools and high school. My classroom set is being held together by duct-tape. They are 8 years old. Clinton is still president in his first term! Parents stand up and make your voice heard. How do you feel about the district that lets your child came home with a book bound by duct-tape?

Books...... Aren't all children suppose to have a textbook?
NO...... this district has slacked by just providing classroom sets in math and Comm, and parents always ask me how am I suppose to help my child with their homework if they don't bring home a textbook that explains everything.....

My answer is uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........ I offer tutoring free after school because of this.... but that isnt the point... the point is that we blame parents for not being a part of the education of their children and we dont provide the student with the necessities they need for success at home..
At least you have textbooks1 I hope you are supplementing!
yes im supplementing! cmon give me a break! Big Grin
I feel thats the same attitude i get from the district! Do your best, I can't help you.....
WaukTalk75 Wrote:How do you feel about the district that lets your child came home with a book bound by duct-tape?

The same way I feel about the district not letting my child bring home a book, because that same duct-taped book needs to be shared with others! :evil: I really don't know what more I can do when it comes to this district. It's a shame the kids need to suffer so much at the hands of an inept school board and administration. I'm hoping to get my child out of here next year, God willing. In the meantime, it seems every time I bring something up to them, I'm knocking my head against a wall. :evil: :cry:
Our department has instituted a solution, when possible (depends on available funds at any given time) that has, I think, been quite successful. We purchase enough new books so that every student can have one AND every teacher can have a classroom set. That way, students are told to take their books home AND LEAVE THEM THERE because they can just use the classroom sets when needed. It has cut down greatly on books lost and/or damaged due to the constant hauling of them back and forth to/from school and from being tossed into and crushed within lockers. Sadly, we are not able to do it all of the time. Yet its a very cost-effective plan toward the long term maintenence of our books when we are able to meet this ideal. It also asks students to carry one less book around in their backpacks Smile . Finally, we found that, in one case, we were able to get paperback versions of a text -- less expensive than the hard covers -- and they held up (and continue to hold up) just fine becasue they are not so abused on a daily basis.

A simple elegent solution that is both sensible and financially sound. All the markings of an idea unlikely to gain traction in District 60... sigh... :roll:

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