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The Good!
The teachers. Most of them really care about teaching our children, and without them, there would be no school to go to for those that want to learn. Smile
Penguin40 Wrote:The teachers. Most of them really care about teaching our children, and without them, there would be no school to go to for those that want to learn. Smile
You got it, Penguin, thanks to the soldiers on the front line of this battle to educate the youth of Waukegan!
Got this from a friend with a child on the team,
"Our Bulldog Rifle Team took first place in the IHSA state competition this weekend. An amazing feat given that they are under funded and have run out of pellets and targets some time ago. Great coaching and dedication by the athletes made the difference. Go Bulldogs!!!"
This topic deserves its own thread, but I thought it was also deserving to be here!
On behalf of the team, SGM Grace, and myself:Thank you for the high praise. The student-athletes and their parents deserve all the credit. The athletes are the ones that put the time into training, kept their grades up, and performed well at the match. Parents sacrifice the time to pick kids up late or drop them at practice and hopefully challenging them to feep grades up. I would mention names, but don't feel it would be proper without their knowledge. I will add a couple of more things the team achieved this year:

Qualified for the CMP National Match @Camp Perry, OH
2 Individuals qualified for the National Jr Olympic Championships @ US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO
2 Individuals named All-State, including the individual State Champion

These accomplishments resulted from hard work, great team leadership, and the support of WHS. We have made a number of changes to our program over the last two seasons and have more planned. Many were very difficult, but we are moving forward.

A few minor things:
Every coach wants more money for his/her program. We are not out of pellets (we are low, but should be near the end of the season), and we are fine on targets. Unfortunately, Rifle is not an IHSA sport. We compete in the IHSRL and a tournaments sanctioned by the Civilian Marksmanship Program, USA Shooting, and the National Rifle Association. We will be competing in summer events, but will do so by fund-raising, DONATIONS, and at student expense. This policy is similar to other sports @WHS.

Thank you for your support and kind words,
David Schrank
Rifle Coach
Waukegan High School

847 302 6457
Mr. Schrank,
Thank you and Sgt.Major Grace for the excellence you have brought to the program this year and in the past. I appreciate your humility and credit the student athletes for their efforts. I also know how committed you are to this program, and am more than willing to stick my neck out for your conviction to this sport. I applaud the School Board for making the right choice! I admit I am a bit ignorant to precision shooting, but I was a good shot with an M16. Many do not know of the dedication it involves to shoot these rifles, but damn if STATE CHAMPIONS from Waukegan does not have a wonderful ring to it?!
Please let us know about how we can support the Champions, and keep us informed from time to time how your excellent program is going. Let us know about your fundraisers, (I happen to have a JROTC fundraising card from local businesses in my wallet!)
Again, sir, thank you and all involved with this wonderful program, for displaying the excellence Waukegan could have in every sport.
Shawn White
(224) 381-2834
Go Bulldogs Rifle!
Sorry Coach if I passed on bad information about the funding, I got it from Ms. "the Rifle team gets no respect" Dangerfield.
You and SGM. Grace got it going on this year.
Lot's of good things going on with the Bulldog athletics programs. A.D. Mr. Perkins has made a lot of good moves to bring the programs along. Nick Browder, with the help of Waukegan PD, has done a great job bring back sports to the Middle Schools. I sure would love to see that expanded to include some more of the surrounding communities.
The great teachers
Jefferson Middle School Principal Ms. Fishman.
Deb Navarro at Lincoln Center! One of the hardest working people there!
With all of this "sweetness", I'm about to go into a diabetic coma. Smile

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