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Well, this board looks like it's been in a coma. I have not posted forever so I am just as much to blame. People move on. Me myself I haven't had the luxury to be able to spend a lot of time posting.

I came to this site to see what everyone thought about WKRS changing it's format. I thought there would be a firestorm over it. I used to listen a lot when Libby was on. I didn't always agree with her but it was interesting. I could not bring myself to listen to those two in the morning. They were just horrible and probably led to the very low morning ratings and the thus the selling off of the station. ,

Little sad about it though. That station as been around long than I have. I remember visiting it once as my dad had a friend who was an engineer there and I got a nice tour of the station.

I did not hear but I am assuming WXLC will not be touched in this? I don't listen to that station as their music isn't my cup of tea. Just wondering.
When I first heard about it I was outraged. How could we let this happen? I blamed the mayor - he surely could've stopped it somehow. But, after further review, I realized, sadly, its just what Waukegan has become. I guess I can't blame the mayor - WE ALL LET IT HAPPEN.
I've kissed Waukegan good bye, and as soon as I can do it I'm outta here. Don't know where yet - but I'm giving up. Waiving a white flag. Take my home town - I barely recognize it anyway.

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