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Waukegan Farmers Market Wed 11- 2
410 Grand Ave
Christ Episcopal Church
Farmers Market
Wednesdays 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.
Church Parking Lot.

Eat outside and Enjoy the good News Luncheon each Wednesday too.
Entrees change each week. Call 847-662-7981for weekly entrees or reservations

Visit the Undercroft Gallery at the Farmers Market
and drop by the Church basement to see more of this truly
nice looking art

Vendors and Customers are needed.
Please stop by. Enjoy........ and Support.
That sounds fun and is farm stand items are something we can all use. Anyone have the 2013 schedule yet? What else will be going on over the summer? Humm, what if all the organizations holding events combined them and held them downtown on certain days? They could all chip in for a few long tents and maybe the city would pitch in too. We might "allow" a few bigger chain like stores/businesses to participate since they could be sponsors:-)

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