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The Storm
WOW. I was at work on Delany & Sunset when the storm struck. I have never seen anything like that wind in my life. Our power went off immediately and we all left for home. I live near GreenBay & Sunset so I didn't have far to drive - didn't have to navigate around large trees or debris too much - but I did get home to find no power. Again, I was lucky and didn't lose more than a couple twigs, but my neighbors! wow. Tree branches on cars, whole trees up rooted, real damage Around bedtime (big mistake) we thought we'd look for a hotel room since the power wasn't back on (with no news reports without power - we thought the power would return in a few hours). I'm here to tell you - there wasn't a hotel room to be had in our area, we stayed home. The next day though - around 11 we ventured back out looking for a hotel. The Motel 6 had two rooms - which we were so thankful for! And they were kind enough to let us check in right away - so the kids enjoyed the pool while we enjoyed simple things like air conditioning, running water and a flushable toilet. (Can't flush a toilet with no power when you have a well). Before check out time the next day our power was restored & once again - boy was I thankful -this time to Com Ed!!

They still have monumental work left to do - but they've been right there plugging along at it. I've seen them even out at night - with big lights & generators set up so that they could continue working thru the night.
If you see any of these good people out and around in your neighborhood - give them a thumbs up, and smile and thank them for helping to restore our lives to our normal chaos! I for one sure appreciate them!

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