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New Waukegan promo vids from city's website
wths74 Wrote:Danno, those pictures are so sad. To be honest the very first thing I thought of when I viewed those pics is instead of taking pictures of that why not get some bags and clean it up? Just saying what came to my mind first. I know undertaking something like this would litterally be like shoveling sh$% against the tide. Now I don't claim to be Felix Unger. I am not a neat freak but how the heck can people live like that? If every family just cleaned up their own little corner of the earth that would make so so much of a difference. I guess what it boils down to as it pertains to Waukegan circling the bowl is that people just don't care anymore. Either they were not raised right and if they were they just gave up. Better to drink that 40 and toss the bottle then go out and make something of yourself. It's so depressing. Seeing what has happened to my town is very very depressing. I have great memories of growing up there. I was a north sider. My life consisted of Victory Park, St Annies school and pretty much the Glen Flora thoroufare. I remember growning up a block from Louies. When I was 9 years old I remember walking to downtown Christmas shopping often walking back in the dark. Would anyone with any sense let their 9 yr old do that now? City of Progress? Oh my god. It's so sad it almost makes me want to reach for a 40.
I understand your thoughts. Why don't I just clean it up myself. That might be the easier on the city and my alderman, Tom Koncan. Maybe when I go to Jiffy Lube this morning I'll just pay them the $40 ask them to do NOTHING. Then I'll go home and change the oil myself. That would be so much easier on Jiffy Lube that way. Heck to make it even easier on Jiffy Lube I'll change the oil in other customers cars too. Oh, I feel so positive now!
Ok, Here is some new news! Waukegan is no longer an American city. The USA politicians gave Waukegan to Mexico a few years ago. English is not the language required for communication. The only thing required in the deal is that every person must burdin the U.S. taxpayers in healthcare and food programs. Oh yeah you must vote Democratic!
I love and embrace immigration. It makes a nice melting pot when properly enforced but right now everything taste like a burrito.

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