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Shots fired
There were three gunshots fired near pacific and North around 9 p.m. Saturday Then about 6 police cars showed up.
Does anyone know more details?
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Footprints lead to shots-fired arrests

News-Sun staff report Mar 4, 2011 09:02PM

WAUKEGAN — Two city residents were arrested and charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and reckless discharge of a firearm after footprints in the snow and a police dog helped track them down.

Waukegan police responded to several calls regarding shots fired about 9 p.m. Saturday in the 1400 block of Hickory Street.

Officers found that two houses were damaged by gunfire, but no one was injured, police said.

Officers located fresh footprints in the snow and, with the assistance of the department’s K-9 officer and police dog Thunder, tracked the prints to a house in the 1500 block of North Avenue. Police made contact with people inside the house and discovered that one of them was wearing shoes with a sole pattern that matched the footprints found in the snow, according to reports.

After further investigation by the department’s Neighborhood Enforcement Team, police said a confession was obtained from the suspects and a .357 revolver was recovered from their residence.

Arrested were Luis Monterongo-Gonzalez, 33, of 1520 North Ave., Waukegan, and Rene T. Gonzalez, 27, of 219 Keller Ave., Waukegan. Both of them were taken into custody pending a bond hearing.

“This was outstanding police work on the part of all the officers involved,” said Police Chief Daniel Greathouse.
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