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I want to be crystal clear about what I am about to post.

I have struggled with this since Wednesday morning. I am NOT putting this out to 'SLAM' anyone. Please know that this information has come from an extremely reliable source and I have cleaned it up quite a bit.

I have two motives in adding it to this forum:
1) If the information is inaccurate, someone who witnessed the exchange needs to come forward and say so.
2) If the information is accurate, the individuals who worked so very hard on the campaign deserve to know how the candidate behaved.

So here goes..

After the city council meeting Tuesday evening Ald. Larry TenPas and few others went to Louie's Pizza on North Avenue. Sen. and Mrs. Link are there. Ald. TenPas attempts to extend an 'olive branch' to Suzy. He makes a few polite comments about good race, let's work together, etc. Suzy takes this meeting as on opportunity to hurl a string of extremely unpleasant words at Ald. TenPas.

I am not naive, I realize that elections can become heated. But when the pols close the proper thing to do is move on, thank your supporters and work with the elected leader.

There is no need for this type of behavior!
I am glad someone posted this, and from what I was told, by a witness to this, and from Alderman TenPas, you did clean it up a lot!
And, I don't think it was just her that made rude, nasty remarks, but there was a brief exchange with Mr. Link as well. She was the one with
the nasty language though...and some people wanted her in elective office! I can only imagine how she would be at a city council meeting if
things didn't go her way!

Like I said before, I have had personal dealing with him and experiences with her where I have seen such actions and in no way could support her for
an elected position.

Thanks so much for posting this. I am sure there will be a lot of comments from her side, but like you said if there are witnesses that actually
saw and heard what happened differently, let them speak now!

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