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Busy, busy, busy Suzy Link would make an AWESOME MAYOR! She has contacts with her state-senator husband to help bring needed funds to our city, BUT:
How can Suzy Link be a good fit as the 6th ward alderman?

This is from her Facebook biography for alderman:
Suzy Link--
1) Director of AT&T External Affairs AND
2) Chairman of the Board, City of Waukegan Chamber of Commerce, AND
3) Member of Board of Directors of Friends of The Genesee Theatre, AND
4) President of Womens Board of the Genesee Theatre, AND
5) Member of Board of Directors of The Waukegan Band Foundation,AND
6) Member of Board of Directors of Arden Shore, *AND*
7) Chairman of the Board of the Chicago Center for Neurologic Care and Research.

Let's not forget:

Wife of Senator Link and all of the galas, fundraisers, parades, campaigning and VIP Events that go along with being the wife of the senator and personal friends with Barack Obama.

Plus: Suzy's favorite retreat--her Winter home in Florida.

Where on Suzy's busy, busy, busy schedule does she FIND TIME to handle calls from 6th ward constituents about a sofa bed left on the curb on Genesee Street?
Where on Suzy's busy, busy, busy schedule does she FIND TIME to handle calls from 6th ward constituents about your leaves not being picked up?
Where on Suzy's busy, busy, busy schedule will YOUR phone call fall when you need the 6th ward alderman?
Why Suzy--to all that know her--is busy, busy, busy; going here and there and TAN ALL WINTER LONG!

In the 6th Ward, when WE NEED something, Larry Tenpas has been there to assist us. Larry's helped many of us out late at night and returns our calls promptly. Larry's only responsibility is to be OUR alderman; he's not a jet setter, he's a worker and all of us personally have been helped by Larry.
Sorry Suzy; but, the organizations that you are a part of are lucky to have your time. Serve them well and continue your jet setting around but, please, don't bite off more than even your mouth can chew.

How can Suzy Link be alderman AND find time for us?
A: She can't.

The 6th Ward needs a worker bee not a queen bee.
worker bee or queen bee?
doesn't matter...anyone who has come in contact with busy-busy-busy suzy link has been stung
Haughty Suzy Link/
Sweet like butter this month/
When she needs your vote
This is where I have to disagree with you.

Yes, Ald. TenPas HAS been there to mow our lawns and shovel our sidewalks but come that "really" what an alderman should be doing for you and your neighbors? I admit, he is present when we need him, but let's be honest, he's been part of the problem! Look at what crappy financial straights he's put the city in. No my friend, it's time for change, and I'll be supporting Mrs. Link.

Give her a chance to prove herself a worth public servant.

We'd be crazy not to vote for her. She has outstanding partnerships, is business saavy and is a class act. She cares for Waukegan just as the rest of us do, and she'll be getting our vote.

It's not a crime to have a home in another state. Give her a chance to prove her worth. She has to be an improvement on the non-professionals we have on office now, and we look forward to supporting her!
I could use this post to say many nice things regarding Mrs. Link and I certainly I am not her to 'SLAM' her.

I have genuine concerns regarding her ability to be an effective Alderwoman.

Yes, she has numerous contacts and obligations, (too many to mention). Yes, she is business savy.
But I would like an honest account of what was accomplished while she was head of the now defunct
Waukegan Business Association, with a focus on the businesses in the 6th Ward.
What benefit did the businesses that line North Avenue realize? Did she ever meet with them?
Why doesn't North Avenue have a neighborhood business association?
What steps did the WBA take to beautify that area?
These seem like fair questions.

I have an additional concern. Mrs. Link was instrumental in bringing AT&T Uverse to Waukegan.
It is a quality product and we are lucky to have it, (I have it in my own home). But in doing so, extremely unattractive 'power boxes' were placed on our parkways. When Mrs. Link negoiated the contact between AT&T and other suburbs (i.e. Lake Forest) landscaping was agreed upon. Why was no such thing put in place for Waukegan?
Instead these eyesores are now a canvass for graffiti.

It would seem that if one was truly invested and concerned about the betterment of a community the above mentioned concerns would have been addressed. Mrs. Link had the contacts and business savy to do just that and she didn't.

Alderman Ten Pas is devoted to the 6th Ward and he will be getting my vote.
The essential part of your post is "Larry has the time".

Explain how Suzy is going to find the time? Explain how Suzy--already divisive in the community--is going to do anything beyond taking our money and spending it for her airplane tickets to Florida. She doesn't have a good relationship with our mayor nor most all of the alderman. What do you expect her to accomplish? Let busy-busy-busy Suzy Link run for mayor where her strengths lie. We DO need an alderman who HAS THE TIME to give to us! Suzy works FULL TIME, serves on SIX boards and is TAN ALL WINTER LONG. We need an alderman who is going to address day to day issues in our ward! All that Suzy is going to do is show up at city hall meetings twice a month to fight with our mayor and fellow alderman. Ever see her anywhere in the city except when her husband is campaigning or they're at the scoop? She's not a person of the people like Larry Tenpas. Say what you will, but why don't you speak with Larry about city hall and listen to his answers. He's got good answers and he's sensible about trying to help us out on many fronts. No, it's just a group of Suzy sycophants that she's stirring up to to do her bidding--for this month--and then she'll be gone back to work on her tan. Ever see busy-busy-busy Suzy Link walking her ward to get signatures on her nominating petition? If Suzy cared so much about our ward--inherently cared about our ward--she would have had her company--AT&T--landscape these ugly cable boxes around our city instead of laughing how Waukegan--unlike other North Shore suburbs--didn't negotiate landscaping around them! Actions speak louder than words and Larry Tenpas has shown us he cares while Suzy shows us contempt. Larry has heart and he's shown it.

All Suzy is for is Suzy.

Suzy will be one step up on the groundhog in that we'll see her only marginally more. Yet, for this month only--like the McRib sandwich--she'll appear and then disappear. Do you think that busy-busy-busy Suzy Link is going to ever be anywhere west of Sheridan road in our ward? The REALITY of the situation is that service cutbacks are here and are going to increase in Waukegan and Larry has been vital in our ward. Has Suzy been vital in our community as head of all of those boards here? No. Suzy is a politician's wife and that's good for her husband and small circle of sycophants but it's NOT ENOUGH for us little people who need help when we need it and we get it from Larry at all times of the day and during all days of the week.

Between 9 and 5 everyday Larry is in our ward and working.

Where is Suzy?

A: She's at her FULL TIME job at AT&T.

Ok, she's got her evenings; but, in the 3 hours that she has in the evening where is she going to FIND THE TIME to do call backs and make calls and get a city person on the line to handle something? And that doesn't even count busy-busy-busy Suzy Links board appointments! And that doesn't even count-out the Winter months that Suzy is working on her tan in Florida!

Let's see, the pool, the cocktails, the beach, the sun or call US back about our problems? Hmmm, Where will Suzy's attention go?

A: Not here and not to us!

And what about Summer? Well, Suzy's usually to be found lounging at her pool. Think that our problems will take precedent over her pool?

We need an ACTIVE ward alderman who is in our ward DURING THE DAY.
We need an ACTIVE ward alderman who cares about us.
We need an ACTIVE ward alderman who doesn't snicker at us and our city and who is genuinely there for us and not for a campaign stunt for her husband.

In short, we need to retain Larry Tenpas. Maybe he's not a perfect 10, but we can't afford to do 'better' with busy-busy-busy Suzy Link.
The Waukegan Business Association has "GROWN" to now be called the Waukegan Chamber of Commerce. They transitioned so that their reach could be more encompassing. Good news!

Think about it. It was Mrs. Link's job to bring U-Verse (which we love too) to Waukegan, not to negotiate the landscaping needs of the community. That responsibility fell on the alderman, who obviously dropped the ball. They are graffiti-magnets and I too, hate the stinking boxes.

Link did her job, the elected officials did not.

We voted for Larry in the last election; we will be voting for Link in this election. He hasn't lived up to our expectations and I'm afraid of the future of our ward if he remains in office much longer.
@westleigh: You hit the nail on the head! Where WAS Suzy Link's ALLEGIANCE ??

Suzy just sat back and let her company set-up GRAFFITI BOARDS around our neighborhoods, wards and city without a *whisper*.

Yet, nobody whispers as well as Suzy.
A case of the "lesser of two evils" if ever I saw one. Only problem is I don't know which one is the "lesser".
Mrs. Link deserves a chance to prove herself to our ward. We will give her that chance. Larry has been in office for 30+ years. How have you seen our ward "improve?" Sure, he mows grass & shovels snow, but big woop. What new businesses has he fostered? How has he promoted the North Ave district? He can take care of parking tickets and make City Council meetings interesting; remember, any alderman can do that.

Mrs. Link is getting our vote because she believes in the "future" of Waukegan; Larry lives in the past. She has energy, spirit, constructive & fresh ideas and the drive to get it down.

She deserves our vote; she deserves a chance to prove herself to us.

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