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Exceptionally Reckless Chrysler 300
Dunno who it is, but there's somebody in a white Chrysler 300 that's doing 45 - 50 MPH on residential streets. Last I checked, Waukegan's residential speed limit was 25MPH unless otherwise posted. (And even then, the city boulevards are 30-35ish.) And I usually take it a little slower when people bottleneck the streets. (City never enforces the alternate parking ordinance it seems.)

So WTF? What's so important where you got to go that fast? (Going fast on highways is one thing, but amongst parked cars and driveways, and where kids and people on bikes often pop out?) :evil: I only noticed because they came up like a bat out of hell and passed me. I wonder how long it'll take before they wreck or kill somebody?

If there's any cops reading this, might want to post some unmarked cars to traffic enforcement and drive the residential circuit in the evening. I saw the psycho come up from Delaware Rd zip by when I was turning onto Greenwood Ave at 7PM. (Passing at that corner when somebody is making a turn isn't exactly legal either. That person needs their car impounded.)

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