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Video Ideas of Waukegan Anyone?
I like to shoot videos of Waukegan, it's events, people, places and history.
I Post them on Youtube.

I sort of hope folks will see the videos, the things there are to do here,
then participate and visit these places. Also that it might
change the image some folks have of our City at the same time.

If any one has ideas of food joints, events, parks, businesses, people, acts,
cool buildings for sale or basically anything positive and good about our city..,.
Please share your ideas.

I do these videos for free happily, and nothing is expected..... though a small
donation of course would be excepted, if you insist...
(...a sandwich, a bag of donuts or a few $ to cover some costs)

Thanks for reading and it's good to know folks care about Rockegan.
Dunno of any events... I always seem to hear about stuff after it's over.

Is the dancing guy (for Little Caesars) still on Lewis Av.? He might provide some entertaining material.

Also where's your channel? The only user who has the name "simonsays" on Youtube has been inactive for 4 years with no uploads. I figure that's not you, huh?

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