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IC Grading
Anyone else concerned about the new online grading system where you can't input any failing grade below a 59%? If you add zero-59% for any grade, the student automatically gets a 59% as a score. It's pre-set in the new system. Theoretically, a student can now fail every core curriculum course, pass PE and/or Art, Music, etc.. and still promote or graduate.

Whose brain child is this??? Sounds like someone versed in testing irregularities and misrepresenting school scores that has been fired from another school district in Illinois, and now has their finger on the LC administration pulse. (2002, Rockford School District) Presenting a pretty picture of Waukegan scores?? How long before the state catches up with the subterfuge and realizes that the new system is nothing more than grade fixing.

The saddest part is NOT where the teacher has to explain themselves out of a hole to a parent about why their 6th grade child is passing to 7th grade and can't read, write, or master foundation math skills (although that's bad enough). The saddest part is that the students--all of them--suffer in the long run. The failing students use this to their advantage, the low-average students realize they no longer need to try harder. Not a message I care to promote. Sad, very sad Sad
Dear nowinvolved, Anyone who grew up in the 50's and 60's knows what has happened to America's educational system. All one has to do is venture out into society and listen to the people around you. I was taught phonics in elementary school, as were my peers. Our politicians, ever hungry for a paycheck and a generous pension, on the taxpayers dime, are the ones that have led our society to the lowest common denominator. Why do we, as a society, tolerate the bs that has destroyed the learning experience for the majority of students that want to learn and graduate high school? You need to look no further than our very own State Senator and State Representative, God rest his soul. I am sick and tired of making adjustments for those less fortunate when I have been paying, all along, for their dysfunctional existence. If you listen to them, the solution is more money. If you have half a brain you realize that this has been the problem all along. Any clear thinking American realizes that their is no excuse for not learning how to speak audible english. If you have an innate sense to be self supporting, this is what is required. Otherwise, I am challenging those that reject education to start their own legitimate business and prove me wrong. It's an ugly world out there, and if the miscreants think that they will rule this town, I will suggest that your lifespan will be short and your existence soon forgotten.
this is an obvious attempt by administrators-at lc or elsewhere-to say that they increased graduation rates. grades in the waukegan school system mean nothing. how can we ever hope for our students and our own children to face the competition in the real world? why hasn't the news-sun reported on this?

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