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Artspace - Are These Posts Reason for Concern?
I agree with pauljs. Each town is different and I would image each location has it's own manager. We have to organize action if Artspace heads in the wrong direction. It seems like a nice mix of residents so far. Did you see the photo of the well groomed middle aged man in the news, the first one to move in? I don't care how bohemian the residents are if they are well mannered and well screened. I just went in and checked it out the other day. The building quality seems decent, not like some others in story links someone posted. The residents in the lobby were polite and welcoming.
Being on social security doesn't mean "ghetto." Perhaps the writer means public assistance/welfare. Social Security beneficiaries are either disabled or elderly. Many cancer patients are on SS for example. If one were very ill and unable to work they likely will spend all their funds on medical care/insurance until qualified for Medicare. Illness is the #1 cause of bankruptcy. So please don't label all of the poor as undesirable. Anyway as much as I recognize the need for affordable housing, placing the Towers downtown was one of the worst decisions the city ever made. I do know what you mean about Section 8. We don't want to be a dumping ground or be bleeding hearts to the extent that criminals take over. It's happening in parts of cities and suburbs all over the country though, not just here. Growing up in Wgn I'd love to see it become more middle class again but we've got to work with what we have. We need major help from the Lake County business community to get many more jobs here. We can't count on the broke local or state public sector to do it. Only jobs and skill training will improve the situation.

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