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Ground Rules
While using this forum, we ask that you keep a few things in mind.

We have started this forum with the goal of helping the citizens of Waukegan communicate and share information. To that end, we will never shut down the forums (as long as we can pay the bills) due to forum brawls. We will however, at our discretion delete/lock any posts that are offensive or inappropriate and temporarily or permanently ban any users who are out of line with their posts. Trolling is expressly forbidden - if we determine a user is behaving in a troll like manner, that user will be dealt with.

Rules (Updated 3/29/10)
1. Inappropriate posts will be removed
2. Trolling is forbidden
3. No personal attacks - attack the post, not the poster. Personal attacks draw a 3 day suspension. Repeat offenders will be banned permanently.
4. Images - Distasteful images will be removed.
5. Forum Spamming - The act of posting meaningless comments in multiple forums within a short period of time is forbidden.
6. No "outing" other posters - If a poster wishes to remain anonymous, that is their right. Attempting to out a poster or even the barest hint of an attempt to out a poster will draw one 3 day suspension followed by permanent banning for repeat offenders.

The following people's names are not allowed to be used in any post at any time:
1. Keith Turner

Any poster naming any of the above listed people will be sent to the penalty box.

Please be aware that we will investigate and respond to any complaints that we receive and will take action if warranted.

By posting here, you agree to the terms of service that were presented to you at the time of registration as well as the rules listed above.

Opinions and advice are welcome at any time.

Thank you!

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