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I don't know where to start really, but ill start off saying that I had the opportunity to attend to the city council meeting in regards to the tax levy debate. I have to say that I was impressed with Mayor Bob's speech. He was direct, precise and did not shy away from the truth. This city is in a world of hurt right now and he made no bones about it. For a politician in his capacity i honor his truthfulness. I dont blame him for the tough decisions he's gonna have to make,after all he inherited this s*** sandwich. No I don't blame him, my fingerpointing goes to the past administration and the alderman of this city. They are the ones that got us in this financial mess. Sure it's happening all over the country, i get that but, its an easy excuse for the alderman to justify the situation they put us in. Let's face it the previous admin spent money like drunkin sailors. They were banking on a casino that never came. The new city hall, Genesee Theatre, parking garages, store front properties, that mind you are still vacant. All the money they spent foolishly. Now Mayor Bob has to try and fix it. I guarentee if he knew the financial distress this city was in he would of never ran for mayor. Now im not saying Mayor Bob is perfect but I do commend his honesty. So where do we go from here. The alderman rejected the bid for the tax increase. Wow what a suprise especially with elections comin next month. Did you actually think they were gonna vote it through. Please!!!
Now who's gonna feel the affects of the cutbacks, the layoffs, the one third reduction of the city's workforce. The citizens of Waukegan and its employees thats who. What a shame. Why is it that we have to pay for their mistakes and incompetence. Your gonna layoff police, fire, and other employess. I feel sorry for the hardworking taxpayers and employees in this town who now have to bail out this city. There is a black cloud over this city and has been for many years and I dont see it going away any time soon. This city is on the verge of self destruction. Just look around as you drive through and ask yourself, Why am I here? What positive things are instore for this city? Where do you see this city 5, 10 years from now? Those are tough questions to answer aren't they.
Scooby, I know this doesn't answer your very good question but there once was, for a period of about 10 years, a very dedicated group of concerned citizens by the name of Taskforce On Waukegan Neighborhoods begging people to listen. To listen to the well researched evidence of incompetence and/or possible corruption during the Durkin - Hyde years. A lot did listen but there was an equally dedicated group, affectionately known as "The Durkinistas", who were able to keep these scoundrels in office. It was like that old saying about the horse and water... You can lead a Dukinista to truth but you can't make him vote. In large part the ultimate blame for our current state of degradation lies with those Durkinistas.
#3 lies with the people who cannot say what has really happened to the city. The city officials refuse to say or address the real issues of the illegal immigrants that have destroyed hospitals, schools, retail, and housing. imho
Why is the Internet being Sensored on "Ilegals in Waukegan". Not much news since 2008 Common This country is crumbling while all of the wellfare system is being given away for votes! Good Job all of ya lobbiest. Look at Yorkhouse and Lewis mexican stores not a word in English???? Where is the assimulation! I cry seeing what my Waukegan has become. Where is ICE?? If there here ilegally is that committing a crime. Why must we wait for a fonony charge first. How many felonies do they get away with before getting caught? where do we report companies that hire ilegals?? Id like to report Medline, McDonalds, and many others. I love to have people come from all nations not just from the South. Not an invasion!! :evil:
Dear lowgear, Are you registered to vote? Do you typically vote for democrats? Did you vote for Obama? Quinn? Madigan? Link? Eddie Washington, now deceased? What ward do you live in? Did you vote for your Alderman? What do you propose to solve this ever degrading situation? Enlighten us. This is what social justice looks like. Get used to it, or do something about it.
Ok put ICE in front of every pollling station to check immigration status. Or atleast ask birth cirtificate when getting a drivers license?? Maybe? This City is crumbling far from the Waukegan I remember even 20yrs ago.

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