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Full Version: Romeo & Juliet!
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Waukegan High School students are putting on a production of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet! Big Grin

They've been working for months to get this great show together, so let's all go and support our Waukegan thespians! Let's show Waukegan that there ARE people who care about Drama in Waukegan!

The production will be on:
Friday, February 19, 7pm
Saturday, February 20, 7pm
Sunday, February 21, 3pm

Please come and support! Tickets are $6 for Students and $8 for Adults.

Romeo - Austin Wollmuth
Juliet - Sara Barbosa
Friar Lawrence - Charles (Last Name Unknown)
Mercutio - Mariah Mckay
Nurse - Taylor Mcmonigle
Tybalt - Khizar Khan
Capulet - Jon Bicanic
Lady Capulet - Angela Athanas
Montague - Alejandro Martinez
Lady Montague - Lauren Russell
Paris - Quincy Jones
Benvolio - Elanna Winnett
Prince - Cory (Last name Unknown)
Balthasar - Luke Lyons
Sampson - Max Bower
Gregory/Apothecary - Jonathan Taylor
Abram - Jerry Cruz
Peter - Eduardo Cruz
Chorus - Romeo Jackson