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Full Version: Waukegan, IL 6th Ward
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I didn't know what heading this actually fell under, so I thought "Local Events" was as good as it got.

For those who have a Facebook page, check out the group "Waukegan, IL-6th Ward."

It's an interesting site. I think it's generally geared to 6th Ward issues but it's always good to be informed. I recently joined.

Just thought I'd share with the community.

Dear Grover, I am a veteran of Waukegan politics who knows alot of the ins and outs. Look at the quality of the posts on this anonymous site and figure how far this coal-burning train will pull you. General Electric just came out with their Evolution Locomotive, and it's time to retire the old train.
Harold Wrote:Dear Grover, I am a veteran of Waukegan politics

You're a veteran of Waukegan politics like John Hinckley Jr. is a veteran Jodie Foster fan.