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Full Version: Sheriff Curran says ID theft is 'epidemic' -E-verify
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I was very glad to hear that Sheriff Curran is going after this issue. I have read in the past that some police agencies are not pursuing these cases. I've been a victim of ID theft -it's not fun to clean up the mess.

Ask more area businesses to use E-verify.

Sheriff says ID theft is 'epidemic'

November 2, 2009
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If a successful Long Grove business man can fall prey to identity theft, anyone can be a target.

But truly frustrating part is not being able to solve the case, said Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran.

"It's become an epidemic, very problematic," he said.

The Long Grove victim learned something was amiss when the Internal Revenue Service notified him that he received income that he did not report for working at a number of temporary staffing agencies throughout the Chicago area.

Police went to one temp agency in Elgin, and Curran said the roadblocks and hurdles they met to try to get a picture of the suspect and any other information the agency had was amazing.

"It took four subpoenas to compel them to furnish us with the information and turn over a photograph of the suspect," he said.

They also got an address in the 100 block of Baldwin in Palatine, but that turned out to be a false address. Neighbors had never heard of him or saw him in the neighborhood.

Curran said the investigation is continuing. They are not sure how the man got the Long Grove businessman's information, since there was no burglary at the victim's home.

"There are so many different ways they can get your information," Curran said, from store clerks to the Internet. "It's very difficult to protect yourself."

Curran said that he has seen national data that says half of the illegal immigrants have fraudulent identification. He also said the state is not complying with E-Verify, an Internet system put together by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in partnership with the Social Security Administration.

It allows employers to verify a person's identity, and it is a requirement for federal contractors and subcontractors.

"Illinois is known as a sanctuary state because of that," Curran said.

The sheriff's office is also taking the tack of prevention.

"I'm not going to tolerate this," Curran said of identity theft.

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Here in Waukegan, since most office cleaning crews are illegal, information is stolen from doctors and dentists offices. Just think about it, anyone on Medicaid or Medicare has their SSN right there in the records, along with name, birthdate, address, etc. Everything they need.

Above is a reply that I read about this article. Anybody looking into this?? Anyone instructing the medical offices about E-verify?
At one point Illinois did not allow E-Verify but was sued by the federal government to rescind that bill -from what I remember. Here is an update.

State and local E-Verify changes arriving with the New Year

State Law - by John Fay -
December 31, 2009 - 16:35 America/New_York

On January 1, 2010, new state and local E-Verify requirements will go into effect in Georgia, South Carolina, Illinois, and Lancaster, California. Here is a quick summary for all employers doing business in these locations :

South Carolina: presently, the South Carolina Illegal Immigration Reform Act requires all employers with 100 employees or more to participate in E-Verify or only hire employees who possess or qualify for a South Carolina driver’s license (or other state license with similarly strict requirements). Starting in the New Year, the law will expand to include all state contractors, regardless of size. By mid-year (July 1), it will cover all employers. For more information regarding state contractor requirements in South Carolina, please visit this link.

Illinois: as of January 1, 2010, employers choosing to voluntarily enroll in E-Verify are urged to consult the Illinois Department of Labor website, which will contain information regarding the accuracy of E-Verify, the financial burden on employers, and their responsibilities. In addition, employers enrolling in E-Verify must complete an attestation form (available here) to indicate that the employer (a) has received E-Verify training materials and that all employees who will administer the program have completed the tutorial; and (b) has posted the required participation and anti-discrimination notices. The new law also creates a cause of action for employees and prospective employees in the event the employer fails to abide by the various E-Verify provisions. The entire law can be viewed here.

Georgia: On January 1, 2010, public employers (city, municipality and county), contractors and subcontractors will be required to post their federally issued E-Verify user identification number and date of authorization to use E-Verify on their website. Covered cities that do not maintain a website must annually publish the identification number and date of authorization in the legal organ for the county. (*O.C.G.A. Section 13-10-91 requires that all public employers register and participate with E-verify). See this page for more information.

Lancaster, CA: Beginning January 1, 2010, businesses operating in the City of Lancaster (California) will be required to use E-Verify for all new hires. The ordinance also states that those who hire unauthorized workers may have their business licenses revoked. For more information, visit this site.

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These are links from the article:

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