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Full Version: Lecture - Peter Joseph | "From Consequences to Solutions"
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Everyone should listen to this lecture (the link is at the bottom of the page).

While we go about our daily routines trying to enjoy life, some very serious, life and death level stuff is in play. We are at an important point in human cultural evolution. The old divisive ways of national sovereignty need to end and the whole world needs to come together. If we don't change soon we may see a level of human misery never before seen in the history of mankind. This isn't for some future generation to deal with. It is ours. We can change. We have to change. It's time to change.

The following is a transcript from the video. I quote Mr. Peter Joseph:

"It appears there is a conflict occurring here between our old traditional static world views and the resulting institutions that come from them, and the emergent ever changing evolution of knowledge and awareness, which given enough time has proven to continually alter and over ride everything that we think is true at any single point in history. In other words we've created this traditional society long ago, based on very limited information, and due to the self-preserving mechanisms that are built into it, we have stubbornly kept these ideas in place for various reasons and such mechanisms, in the face of an ever quickening state of change that is violently disturbing the integrity of those old institutions and approaches. The rate of change in human society long ago was very slow compared to what is happening today. The fundamental factor of social change, which is information and physical technology, knowledge and tools, is now increasing exponentially almost outside of our control as the organism of knowledge speeds up. With the effects of that change not only making completely obsolete many of the institutions that have appeared relevant... have appeared permanent in the past... but also bringing to the surface completely unreconcilable inherent problems that simply went unnoticed before. Every dominant governing institution today from politics to economics to general philosophy has proven to have some seriously detrimental, outdated and flawed attributes and the more they remain in the wake of these new understandings and abilities, the more they will destabilize society causing increased suffering. This isn't to say that the prior institutions did not fulfill a need at that point in time, they certainly did but we are blindly holding on to them as if they are relevant and applicable when they are definitively not. This is the core of the psychological structural problem... traditional institutions fighting to maintain their self-preservation in an absolute clash with an unstoppable emerging reality, the evolution of knowledge and what it means for us to actually relate to the environment. And there are numerous examples I can give of this. One is technology and war. Back in the day, sticks and stones and catapults had a very limited effect. You could have a distorted culture with a distorted value system, believing in things like sovereigty, you could have a culture that actually felt the need to protect themselves and saw no other route than to assume enemies over here and protect themselves and maintain their family or their culture or whatever identification they chose to. But now it's a little bit different. When the cold war occurred we had nuclear weapons, which today, by standards of nano technology, would be like a roman catapult. There are things that are happening now that will enable a level of destruction so vast that we can't have the types of values that we have, the outdated structure, the outdated sovereignties. It can't work or we will self destruct. I recommend everybody go home and google nano technology weaponry and you'll be blow away by what is in store in the military establishments and how dangerous it is for us to share these divisive notions at this point in human evolution."
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