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Full Version: A few photos from the beach
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A random selection of photos I've taken today of our city's dumpy little lakefront. These aren't exactly small pics, but the originals are about twice as big. Enjoy! :mrgreen:

[Image: waukeganbeach006.th.jpg] [Image: waukeganbeach004.th.jpg] [Image: waukeganbeach005.th.jpg]
[Image: waukeganbeach003.th.jpg] [Image: waukeganbeach001.th.jpg] [Image: waukeganbeach002.th.jpg]
Not bad photos - IMO. Can kind of see Dockside Dogs - one of my favorite places to go in Waukegan on a Hot summer day (Grilled brat w/ grilled onions) I can hear the waves & feel the breeze now! :-). A couple of photos make the harbor look very nice! Thanks for posting. Makes me hope even more that summer is coming!