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Full Version: 70% Failure Rate? O-h-h, That's Traditional!
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What say you, the 90%+ WaukTalk members who can't seem to find the time to view the other topics on this forum? We seem to be stuck on that 70%+ high school exam failure rate. Who is responsible for this titanic societal shortcoming? Your union dues went to fund, mostly failed, ideologues. Your pension fund has been under-funded by the very people that you support, yet you contribute millions of dollars in dues to support these peoples political campaigns. What do you suppose will be the end game? The taxpayers are broke and have not received a raise in years, unlike you. Do you know the definition of austerity, for it is on the way. I am looking for the dedicated traditional teacher to respond here, who feels that the current system has made their job's mission impossible. Please enlighten this forum and allow your voice to be heard. Respectfully, ClassicalLib17