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Full Version: A Couple General Questions..anyone able to answer??
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I have been out of the loop for awhile, with everything that has gone on or been going on with the schools but a few days ago I got an urge to see what all has been going on and if anything has changed for the better? So I just have a few general questions maybe some of you could tell me the answers to.

Is the district still in debt? Is it worst or have they made improvement on bringing down the debt since the last couple years? If so how much are they in debt?

Has the school board been making a good effort to really make change and differences in the school district? Anyone know if they visit the schools regularly or spread the word on who they are and what they actually do, so the students can understand? Have they made it clear to the teachers, principles, staff and students that they can come to the school board if they have any concerns or ideas about or for the schools?

Does this school board and administration actually live by the districts motto "A New Day, A New Way In Waukegan Pubilc Schools"? or is it the same old thing like it has been in years past?

If anyone could help me with any of these, that would be greatly appreciated and if there is anything else that is worth knowing about the district, feel free to let me know.

Thanks Wink
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