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I'm tired of responding to my own Posts so those of you who are trying to participate, carry on. I'm going into hibernation for a while. Sad
I hibernated for a few days and ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. Only stayed in a week this time. Anyone who has had lung cancer or other diseases of the respiratory system is prone to get pneumonia. Its a silent killer. I went to my Oncologist for a check up and when he heard my railish breathing, he called 911. I have left his office for the third time by ambulance. Also I have edema and my legs were the size of my thighs. :roll: Whenever its cloudy, rainy, or yukky ,my body maintains fluid. They hooked me up to an IV with a bag of lasix, and then I became Niagra Falls. I have lost family member due to "walking pneumonia". I will no longer sit around trying to medicate and diagnosis myself. I have missed a lot of the hot days because I cannot go out when its too hot and humid. Oxygen does not help with the breathing. I'm existing with one lung--but through God's grace and mercy, ------I'M STILL HERE.
That is good to hear BlackD.

Get well soon again!!

Would love to see you again next year!!
I'll be waiting Wink I like the other guy also.
Glad you're doing better! Smile
Take care of yourself. :!:
Well, I was re-admitted on Wednesday, 11 Aug---congestive heart failure. I was told that my heart was not pumping hard enough to send fulids back through my body so it resulted in fluid back up. I am on those "pee-pee" pills. was in again for about 5 days. The cancer has not grown, and the penumonia was on the right side--I guess because there's only a sliver of a lung on my left side. My legs were swollen as large as someone's thighs. Through it all I am still blessed. This was another unplanned admission. Wink
B ack in again. Its not the cancer that causes my admissions, its all respiratory. Adema due to fluid build-up. Well, I'm going under Hospice for maintainence of care. I told the Nurse to make sure they call before they come because I might be out in the streets. Its one thing for sure, they are not the deciding factor on when I die, RIGHT? I've had my third admission in August. I was offered all kinds of pain meds, (with narcotics) and turned them down. I'll stick to Tylenol#3. I hav e got to definitely watch my salt intake----no more Popeyes! I have to use that funny salt. No more 5 diet pepsi's a day. Its almost 5 a.m. Anyone else up? Smile
I am up and working hard.

Get well soon BlackD!
Blackdiamond, you are truly a jewel on this forum & I am praying for your comfort.
Take care of yourself, do watch the Popeye's and diet pepsis!!!
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