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YEA! I have a date with him TONIGHT. Big Grin I can hardly wait. Who knows, maybe I'll go back to the Netherlands and be his Nanny Wink I told my sister about it and she screamed, "You're going out with a stranger"?, oh, my God". I told her I feel as if I know him, and if anyone who should be afraid it should be him :lol: Anyhow, I'll give you all the details. (Unlike a lot of Posters who never give follow-ups on some of their subjects--they start it and then leave you hanging .) This ole lady is going to have a ball---I feel it in my arthritic bones. :lol:
So...how'd the date go? Smile Or are you still sleeping in after the date?
:lol: You're right--I slept like two babies---too much fresh air. I had to be at Condell for blood tests at 1pm--after that,I picked up some cholesteral-free Popeye's chicken, went home, ate, and PASSED OUT. I've been awake for about one hour. I HAD A BLAST. The Dutch Boy is a living doll. Damn, I wish I was between the age of 25 and 30, I'd be getting my Passport right now and head for the Netherlands. His English was good enough for me to understand. Blonde hair, and sparkling eyes. (Kind of devilish, if you know what I mean). We had a pre-arranged meeting place. I told him the color of my car. I was driving along and saw a young man with a flag in his hand. It was red, white, and blue like ours ,without stripes and stars. I stopped, looked at him--he smiled and BINGO! that was him. He showed me some Euro's( I think I'd like to get a bunch of those and exchange them here.) You get more for your Euro here. He showed me "change" and "paper money". THEY HAVE A QUEEN--not Elizabeth though. We took pictures and we started to go to that Bar on Genesee, some place named "Green?", but it had gotten chilly and I was tired. We're going to meet again and go out for dinner. He made me feel like I was a Queen. Very attentative. That kid can talk about anything[u][/u] (I tried underlining "anything" and I don't know how its going to turn out). I am so happy to have met him. Oh, I told him when he saw a beautiful black woman driving, it would be me. :lol:
OK, Dennis---are you back home yet? I want to hear what you have to say about our Great City. What did you enjoy the most, (besides our date) Wink ? I hope that when you return I won't be in a wheelchair and then we can really "hang out". Wink I have been confined to my apt since last Sunday as I cannot tolerate the hot weather and the humidity. It takes away what little breath I have. I'm surviving on what lung I have left, on the right side. Any-hoo---I'm alive, and I'm grateful for that. You are such a gentleman and one day you're going to make some lady a very happy one. Talk at you later. xxxxx (American kisses) :lol:
Hey there all.

yes I arrived safely at home, after having to wait 10 hours at Heathrow because they goofed up at Virgin Sad

But I am fine nontheless.

I have enjoyed everything during my stay, although the meeting with Miss BlackD. Was a very nice one!

Next year Miss BlackD. I might invite you to dinner, with Danno and maybe some others who are interested!

I also met ClassicLib17. He is really strong and firm in his ways, and I respect him for that. He has a very good outspoken opinion, that has to be respected as all others Smile

Although we do not see eye to eye, our discussion might spur thinking in others.

See you next year!

No, no, no. Don't make friends with him because I'm enjoying the fights. :lol: I don't think any of us really dislikes the others and we are all entitled to our opinions EXCEPT TEA PARTY FOLKS-- I always wake up at this time to pay my water bill and since I don't have my precious t.v., I will surf the net. (I finally found out what that meant). cu babe
Forgive me Dutch Boy but I wanted to use this space to thank Danno for his help without putting in a new Subject. I am so happy that this Forum has it set up so you can do "private messaging", and that's how I reached Danno. My t.v. set is broke and I asked him if there was such a thing as getting FREE movies, etc. on the Net. He said he doesn't watch t.v. that much but told me what he did one time to get a free T.V. show---AND IT WORKED. THANKS DANNO.