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Full Version: I Don't Know About Yall
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I love this Forum like I did the first one we had. I am so afraid that one day we're going to lose it. I look at all of the other subjects where there are no comments, or they're a year old. I have tried to start a conversation on a few of them but I don't get any responses. I know that if I have a problem logging on or if the Forum is shut down for maintainence, etc., I feel lost. You can say, "Oh she's sick, and doesn't have a life and that's why she's so stuck on the Forum." I'll have you to know that I was active on the first Forum while I was working and able to get around. I enjoy reading others ideas, opinions, and even the little squabbling that goes on sometimes. I feel as if Admin corrects us so that we won't get sued for something we've said. They're looking out for us. (They might even agree with whatever we've said but cannot permit it to be published). Boy, even the sports subjects are looked over. I'm trying to figure out just what are we interested in. I miss a lot of the old Posters---we had it "going on". I've said all of that to say this: Lets participate more and be mindful of what we say. I've received the "red writing" before and it stings---however, I appreciated the critique(?)--I didn't say THAT anymore. Wink Enjoy life and I know a lot of you are busy working etc., however everyone will come alive at the next election. We get the news on the Forum sometimes before the Newspapers print it. C U
Well said young lady! I've wondered if we can place the link somewhere or put a mention in the County Talk in the News Sun to spread the word. In the other forum you could barely keep up with the posts.

And yes, best of all, we learned about what was going on around here, before it ever hit the papers (or never did).

I read the board everyday, but don't post as much (obviously) as I used to!
Well, there's really not that much going on. Atleast you do come on now and then. There are a few who tries to keep the ball rolling in spite of some ignit folks. :lol: